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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

**LIVE BLOG** Edmonton Oilers vs Los Angeles Kings (12/15/09)

Welcome everyone to Oilers Jambalaya - the blog that just keeps getting better (this time thanks to Jay at Low On Oil who provided the tip.)  CHECK OUT Low On Oil's Game Preview

At 7:00 pm you will see in that box below, the Tweets of Smokin' Ray (@OilersJambalaya), Paq Twinn (@PaqTwinn) and the Edmonton Oilers (@NHL_Oilers) without signing up to Twitter.   I know... about time.

You can follow the game LIVE and it's easy to do.  You will be able to ask questions or just simply state a comment by writting in the box at the bottom of the application (THE BOX LOOKS DIFFERENT AT 7:00).  So feel free to talk to us (NO SIGNUP REQUIRED) and tell us what you think of the game and the new *TweetCast*.  Heck, you don't even need to include a name.

It's a new process for us so it may not run smoothly this first go around. *fingers crossed*  But once we figure this out...  LOOK OUT WORLD!

Either way it's going to be epic (probably only for us) evening. Let's just hope not epic failure.  Thanks for coming and enjoy your stay at Oilers Jambalaya.  GOILERS!


Tuesday, Dec 15/09

7:30 pm MT

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