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Monday, December 28, 2009


I'm sorry but the Beers & Jeers Recap is going to have to wait. It will be done but I can't stand this anymore. - The Oilers lost 4-1 in a game where they crapped themselves and lost again for the seventh time. Oh... and Kipper was pretty darn good. -

So what in the hell is Quinn thinking? It's funny that nobody is having an old fashioned freak out over the way Quinn changes the lines and still has no chemistry.  Well I'm going to. 

It's getting absolutely stupid.  At the beginning of the year he claimed that he liked to have pairs and the 3rd guy is interchangeable. OK. Fair enough. WHERE ARE THE PAIRS? What happened to Brule and Penner? What? Forgot that they are good together?  I suppose you like to score only 1 goal a game. WAKE UP PAT QUINN!

This coaching staff is starting to make themselves look stupid.  You keep throwing out these odd ball lines and "at the end of the day" they don't work.  You need to listen to yourselves.  Re watch your own damn videos.  Look at the stats and you see what? This is a team that only scores one goal a game now.  WAKE UP PAT QUINN!

Then you have a game like tonight where Cogliano drops the gloves and wants to go with Dustin Boyd. He does a good job and seems fired up. Then he starts flying around and gets some chances. But guess what Quinn does? He keeps him on the line with Stortini and Moreau. What the hell man? Two slugs and a speedster that's revved up? This does not make sense at all. Isn't this the kind of player that SHOULD be promoted DURING a game? Shouldn't Cogliano at least taken O'Sullivan's spot? WAKE UP PAT QUINN!

Game after game, time after time, Staios and Moreau take a Bad Timing Penalty late in a game. DO NOT PLAY THESE CLOWNS IN THE 3RD PERIOD. Should I say that again or did you u-n-d-e-r-s-t-a-n-d that? Moreau is the shittiest Captain that I have ever seen.  Remove his letter on his jersey immediately. Can you look at us right in the face and tell us that he really does deserve it? He's dragging this team down. Either the letter goes or he goes completely. WAKE UP PAT QUINN!

You pull Grebeshkov in favour of Strudwick? Is Strudwick going to even make the 6th squad for Team Canada? Yeah... didn't think so. If you want him in that bad, pull O'Sullivan or Moreau or Staios, they all suck balls. WAKE UP PAT QUINN!

Maybe I'm just over reacting, but I doubt it.  Why don't you re-read this and tell me if things have changed. I don't think they have.

WAKE UP PAT QUINN!  I/we are getting sick of this.  Pfft.  Saviour my ass.

-Smokin' Ray-


  1. i agree with everything you've said. btw, this has quickly turned into my favorite oilers blog. keep up the good work!

  2. I liked how Pat Quinn rewarded Ethan Moreau for his fine play during the previous game by giving him the 4rth most time on ice of any Oilers forward... (sarcasm...but true)

  3. Thanks oilerslove. It's comments like yours that keeps me going. But then again, it's not like I'm going to become a fLames fan. Make sure to read the other fine blogs on the right side of this site. Like Jay's Low on Oil. Or OilersNation. Or the Cult of Hockey. Or Putting on the Foil. Or if you want to be crude, check out Jeanshorts And Baggedmilk(Free plugs for the competition. That's how we roll around here.)

    @Jay: I just don't understand the man love for Moreau. What is Quinn doing? Next thing you know... seven kids are going to have HIRE MacT back rally in front of Rexall. That may sound stupid, but isn't this team already there? At least MacT is taking a bunchof losers in Europe and is winning games.

    Wait a minute... maybe Quinn wants to lose? *thinking of a conspiracy theory*

    All I know is I love this team and right now I just want to punch it in the face.

  4. Hells Yeah! What are the odds Quinn reads this tho? He should.

    Good read. I also love this site.

  5. And to think that every body thought that MacT was the problem. HAHAHAHAHA! WAKE UP TAMBO AND DO A TRADE!

  6. WOW. You took the words out of my mouth. What the hell IS Quinn thinking? good stuff.

  7. Hey Smokin' Ray, yeah, I haven't been too sure of many things that Pat Quinn's done lately. It's not like he has much of a roster to work with though.

    Benching Grebeshkov to play Strudwick was an 'interesting' choice too. I've watched every game this season, and I have countless memories of Struds leaving a guy open in front of the net to score. It happened twice again last night. Let's not forget that Strudwick can't really skate anymore either.

    Separating Penner and Brule would be another thing that probably wasn't a great idea either as you mentioned.

    The list goes on, but obviously Jacques is not the guy to play top opposition with Horcoff either, yet Quinn keeps that rolling too.

  8. I agree that Pat needs to take his foot of that pedal but the one thing he has done right is to BENCH Grebeshkov. The guy has been brutal. Strudwick was at least able to hold his own out there.
    MacT needed to go, they needed a new voice. I believe it would be worse with him here now.
    FIRE kevin Lowe.


  9. I agree that Quinn has handled this team very well, but I beleive it has more to do with the players he has then his techniques. Hopefully this year we actually get a top 3 draft pick, to go with guys like Eberle, MPS, Omark etc. Finishing in the middle of the conference every year, is what has killed this teams chances of real success, for the last 15-18 years. Look at the Blackhawks, Kings, Capitals, Penguins, etc. Those teams finished at the bottom of their conferences for a couple few years, now they are power houses. That's what I want for the Oilers, mediocraty sucks.

  10. Edit for above. Quinn hasn't handled this team very well.

  11. The last thing the Oilers need to do is have another small, undersized forward like Eberle come into the lineup. Ask most experts, Eberle is not going to be a stud in the NHL like Tavares etc. He is not that type of player. The Oilers need to get away from those type of players. If I'm an Oiler fan, I hope to have the likes of Eberle trades while his stock remains high. Let other teams take the headaches with his developement. Look at Gagner and Cogs for example. This team needs to get bigger and tougher. They are the easiest team to play against according to plahyer poll last year


  12. So we add Eberle, MPS and let's say Hall next year. So we add 3 more smurfs. Those 3 plus the other 4 (Gagner, Brule, Cogliano, Hemsky)= a hell of a lot of smurfs. Something has to give. Explain how are we going to get rid of the slugs and still have big players?

    How does this team move forward with all the shitty contracts? You can't. There is no more buyouts.

    @Paq Twinn: Quinn's technique sucks. Cogliano SHOULD have gotten more ice time last game but didn't. He talks a great game but that's about it. He's really starting to piss me off.

    @Paq Twinn: Do you really think a Canadian Teams fanbase can withstand bottom feeding for as long as those teams you listed? No way. The fans would lose it. If you ask the majority of fans, they want to win now not 10 years from now. The players want to win now. Horcoff said it yesterday. Being worse than what we are now will only make this place less desirable that it already is for Free Agents. Being shitty will hurt the Oilers more than helping them.

    @TBH: Your kidding right about Strudwick? Give me a break. He was the main cause for two goals against Calgary. He's slow and makes bad decisions. Sure he's funny but that's about it. How is that an upgrade over Grebeshkov? But like I said... pull Moreau or O'Sullivan or Staios, but not Grebeshkov.

  13. @SRB: Attracting free agents gets alot easier when you have young up and coming stars on your team. There's a certain excitement with those kinds of players on your team. Do you think Hossa would have signed in Chicago if Toews, Kane and company weren't there? I don't. I also don't think it would take that long for this team to get better through the draft, and from what I've been reading on various blogs/sites, is that the fans are tired of 8th-11th place finishes and that they'd be willing to sacrafice a few seasons to get better. So long as management picks a plan of attack and sticks to it, the fans will be fine with whatever it is they choose to do. This teams seriously lacks direction.

    As far as all the smurfs, I think Cogs will be gone by training camp next year. It's unfortunate, but I think that's what will happen there. Then Tambo can maybe get a bigger player in that deal, or by signing one, obviously not a star type, in the off season.

    Grebs vs Struds: It's a lose, lose situation. One has foot speed and passing, the other has defensive realiability(most of the time). If you could mesh the two together, then we'd have a good d-man.


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