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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

B&J #105 Edmonton Oilers vs Nashville Predators Game Recap (1/12/10)

Welcome to Oilers Jambalaya - An Edmonton Oilers Hockey Blog. Beers & Jeers is a dual collaboration between Smokin' Ray and Paq Twinn. We hope you enjoy our Edmonton Oilers full game recap.


- Who's Out? Who's in? Brule is sick once again and that means JF Jacques is back in to the lineup.  Comrie, Khabibulin, Hemsky and Pouliot are still out and won't play tonight.

- After the wonderful mini camp, the Oilers should be a better team right? Right?


Pre-Game Records

Nashville Predators (27-16-3) vs Edmonton Oilers (16-23-5)



Edmonton Oilers





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Nashville Predators - 5

Edmonton Oilers - 3





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Ethan Moreau - Of course it's the Captain. I mean really... who else right?  At 14:59 of the 3rd period, Moreau takes the Oilers only penalty of the game and does it in style with another hooking call. The Predators score on that PP and I'm sure somewhere, Moreau is blaming the PK unit for allowing that goal and crushing the teams momentum that it was building for a comeback.  Trade this guy ASAP.



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Dustin Penner - He was a workhorse (22:55 of ice time) and played a heck of a game. His low point was his -2 rating.  However the -2 wasn't really pinned on him. He was playing with everyone and was trying to do everything.  He scored a goal and had 6 shots. All in all, he was trying his butt off and he was good.  Frosty Bud? Cheers!

Ryan Potulny - He had a goal and an assist and played a pretty good game.  Once again he surprises me.  He did the little things right and impressed me with his play.  It`s Miller Time for Potsy. Cheers!

Visnovsky/Smid - The bad news first: Visnovsky had 5 giveaways. Ouch!  The good news: This was a good tandem.  They were great and both ended up +1.  Visnovsky managed an assist on the last PP goal and even blocked a couple of shots.  Smid on the other hand played a smart game.  I liked these two tonight.  Cold beeeerrrr heeeeerrree. Cheers!

HONORABLE MENTION(S): Devan Dubnyk (He came in in relief and played well. After a few more games, I bet he`s more comfortable out there.), Robert Nilsson (At times he was reckless, but for the most part he was good.), Sam Gagner (The little dude was buzzing out there.  He made some nice plays.) Patrick O`Sullivan (Hard to believe I cursed at him a lot a month ago.  He was pretty decent in this game.)



Ethan Moreau - TRADE HIM NOW!!! He blew the teams momentum again this game.  He sucks and needs to go. Booooooo!!!

Souray/Gilbert - Wow! Souray was the worst tonight. He was standing there like a deer in headlights all night.  Gilbert sucked too, but not near as bad as Souray.  -4 for Souray and -3 for Gilbert.  Not a good night for these two. Booooooo!

Jeff Deslauriers - He was burned on some tough goals and some weak ones that should be stopped.  He even flubbed up a pass to Gilbert which resulted in a goal for Nashville.  Ugh! What a bad game for JDD. Boooooo!




Smokin' Ray - That sucked bad.  My goat, Ethan Moreau, blew the momentum with a Bad Timing Penalty and that was the game. Sure the Oilers might not have made the comeback, but how are we going to find out?  As of right now, the Oilers only have one win in the last 13 games. Yay team!

Paq Twinn - I was stuck between wanting to laugh and cry for most of this game. It was amazing how little of an effect the two day mini-camp seemed to have had. Despite Quinn and companies best efforts, the Oilers looked pretty much exactly the same. The Oilers did out shoot the Preds but were unable to Pekka Rinne until 7:22 of the 3rd. However, after that goal the Oilers played much better. They started to skate just a little bit harder, and as a result, started to control the play more then they did in the first 47 mins. Had they started to play this way earlier, like say in the 1st or even the2nd, they might have won this game. Pens had a pretty good game and was double shifted most of the night. He scored a PP goal late in the 3rd. JFJ played well, Cogs continued to play with an edge, and Doobie played very well in relief of JDD. Game Grade: D+





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