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Friday, January 29, 2010

Daily Dose (Rumors and Oilers talk)


Quick question Oiler nation, who is your favourite Oiler? Please comment your answer.

Oilers notes: Oilers fans, guess what? Your next game is against the Calgary Flames, so someone will pick up 2 points. Just imagine what the Flames would feel like if they continued their losing streak with a loss against the Oilers. You know, the team that hasn't won a game in 2010? Maybe Lubomir will pull off something like this again Goal against the Flames.

Lubomir Visnovsky - According to Graig Woodburn of sports radio network the Boston Bruins are not willing to give the Thrashers what they want for Kovalchuk so they will pursue players like Alexei Ponikarovsky, Ray Whitney, Matt Cullen, and Lubomir Visnovsky instead.

Ilya Kovalchuk - According to Bob Mckenzie of TSN, he stated the the LA Kings are the front runners for Ilya Kovalchuk. Also, NHL Analyst Steve Kouleas was having a chat with Puck Daddy on the score television network and Steve suggested that if the Kings were to acquire Kovalchuk they would have to give up something like Alex Frolov, Jack Johnson, a young roster player/prospect and a 1st round draft choice like I suggested yesterday.

Ray Whitney - According to Darren Dreger of TSN, Ray Whitney may be the most sought after player in the NHL. If what Darren said is true, up to 10 teams have interest. He suggested the LA Kings, Boston Bruins, New Jersey Devils, Pittsburgh Penguins and Ottawa Senators all have interest just to name a few.

Ethan Moreau - Whoever stated that 5 to 10 teams are interested in Ethan Moreau is full of crap.  Maybe a team or 2, but based on how he has played as of late, I can see why not many teams are interested.

Update on Moreau - I have seen rumors on various sites that the Ducks like Souray...well now it seems they are one of the few teams that like Moreau as well. We will have to wait and see how this all pans out. Moreau is currently a team worse -29 on beers and jeers points done by Smokin' Ray.

As always all comments are welcome!

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  1. The three California teams have interest in Moreau. And it's not crap. Jason Gregor is the source and he's very trustworthy. Not sure where you heard 5 to 10 teams?

  2. Didn't see Jason Gregor's blog I saw 5-10 teams elsewhere. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Yeah I seen Gregors post as well. He said it was the Ducks, Kings and Sharks if I'm not mistaken. He's fairly connected to the team and I also trust what he says. Robin Brownlee as well. He calls trades weeks/days before it happens.

    If it really was 5 to 10 teams, he would have been dealt by now.

    Moreau has been the worst Oiler this year (see Beers & Jeers totals like Todd said) and he needs to go. Get it done Tambo!

  4. Here is a good read by David Staples from the Edmonton Journal.

  5. Hey Smokin' Ray I am awaiting your email.

  6. Not even going to read that article...Darren Dreger has Lubo on top 10 to be moved and he is much more reliable then Lyle Richardson.

  7. Yeah. I'll get it to you after my "real job" today. lol.

    And my favorite guy on the Oilers is Sam Gagner.

  8. Mine is Lubomir probably could have guessed.

  9. Hey Ray, there's been reports that Anaheim, SJ and I think LA are interested in Moreau... believe it or not. And this comes from a valid source (Jason Gregor of Team 1260).

    Also, I'm not surprised Ray Whitney is such a hot commodity. I would love to have a guy like him on the Oilers, once this team becomes a playoff team again. I would have liked to have seen him be one of our complementary players I was talking about over on the Foil (if he could be had for a little cheaper next year). But that's a pipe dream.

    Anyways, the team that gets him will get a good boost. I heard someone on radio suggest Pittsburgh... jesus.. imagine him with Crosby or Malkin!

    My favorite Oiler, at the moment, is Lubomir Visnovsky.

  10. Thanks for the comment Racki and nice choice on favourite Oiler.


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