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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Is this the Year?

Is this the year the Oilers get the number one overall draft pick? Is this the year Big Sexy leaves town? Is this the year Tambellini makes a trade? Is this the year that Moreau is traded for a bag of pucks? Is this the year the Oilers WIN?

Yes it's been a shit of a year so far. No wins. Winless in 2010. It actually has a nice ring to it. The Oilers have won only one game in their past 19. Carolina has finally past them, leaving the Oilers in the 30th spot. Yes folks, we are the worst team in the NHL. Yes, we're number one, we're number one!!

St. Louis is in town tonight and I have a decent feeling about tonight's game. St. Louis are only 5 pts out of the playoffs and have gone 6-3-1 in their last ten games but this is a doable game. Oilers have played better in the past week and the walking dead (Comrie and Brule) will suit up tonight. But do we want them to win? Heart vs head: win or dive? My heart says no bloody way will I cheer for my Oilers to lose but my head says that the Oilers need to rebuild and getting a high draft pick is essential. Heart vs head people. These are hard days in Oil Country.

Lastly, this is my first post on Oilers Jambalaya and I'd like to thank you for the invite to post on this blog.



  1. Great post Scarlett. Damn good questions.

    Is this the year that Quinn has a stroke? Is this the year that Stone, Staios and Strudwick actually score a goal? Is this the year we finally lose the '06 bandwagon fans?

    Heart vs Head is always a tough decision. It's been a very hard and confusing period as an Oiler fan. I want the pick, yet I want the win. *head explodes*

  2. This site is awesome! Thanks to the HF boards I found this. I will be back for sure.

  3. Funny stuff but true. Here's mine. Is this the year the flames crash and burn? I think so. lol Good job guys. oh. And i would be ok with one puck for Moreau. Don't need a whole bag.

  4. Even a plastic puck would work for Moreau.

  5. haha. great post. i am thinking the oilers win 4-2 tonight. what about you guys?

  6. This is the night that the Oilers take their frustrations out on Ty Conklin.

    I'm predicting a goal bonanza. Something like two, maybe three goals tonight?

    It's gonna be something out there. I can feel it.

  7. @Chappy: Lately two or three goals is a bonanza. Sad isn't it? But I feel it too.

    @Scarlett: Have fun at the game tonight. OK, try and have fun at the game tonight.

  8. Is this the year I stop yelling at the TV? Doubt it. GOILERS!

  9. I like your writing Scarlett. I hope you do more.

    I went further... Will next year be the year that Khabibulin plays a full season? Will next year be the year Hemsky actually becomes a true superstar?

  10. Well, so much for my feeling the Oilers would come out on top. They can't score to save their lives.

    The only way to have fun at Oilers games right now is to drink. So therefore the night is a smashing success! :)

  11. Lets skid Penner for new rink boards oh nevermind the ones we have are still shiny because Penner wouldnt want to mess them up by hitting somebody.

  12. @onetimer94: If this was last year, I'd be on that bandwagon. In fact I was driving it. I was trying to get him sent to the minors last year. Didn't work.

    This year however, Dustin Penner is the team MVP (not that that says much). He's the Oilers best player. He scores goals.

    So I'm going to assume your talking about last year. ~You suck Penner!~


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