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Monday, January 25, 2010

Laying Out The Red Carpet... We Have New People

When I started Oilers Jambalaya in November of 2008, I said I wanted to keep it fresh and current and ever changing. I said I wanted to try and provide somewhat of a different point of view and do my best to entertain people. I hope that I have at least done that so far. But I guess the jury is still out on that.

But today is a new day and it's a great one here at Oilers Jambalaya.  Not only are you going to see the ridiculous banter of Smokin' Ray and Paq Twinn continue, we went out and brought two new people in to add to the OJ mix. If this wasn't the best idea ever... I don't know what is.

Now first, guys, we need to clean up a bit. We have a lady in the house now.  Miss Scarlett come to us from the All Oil...all the time! blog.  All Oil is her baby and it's a great blog. She is a fantastic writer who never beats around the bush. She's honest and is very passionate about the Edmonton Oilers (season ticket holder for 5 years) and that's what we like about her. She's perfect for Oilers Jambalaya.

Before moving to Edmonton seven years ago, she hailed from rural Manitoba and started her Oilers passion back then. You see, she would go to the Winnipeg Jets games and instead of cheering for the Jets, she'd cheer for the Oilers and annoy the Jets faithful. How sweet is that? I know!

Now she's an Edmontonian and there's two reasons why. It's part Oilers, part school. But she insists it's more for the Oilers. She loves them that much. Awesome!

The interesting side of her; She has a Masters in Russian History and still loves Igor Ulanov. But who doesn't right?  I think I could talk her into sharing some Russian history with us.

I think you will impressed by Scarlett, I am.

Just when you thought that I would be done and that was enough change. No way Jose! Throw together a hand clap for Nick "Oilers Fan" Walker. He also has his own blog over at NHLTalk202 with his friend Boston. It's a good blog, check it out.

I've liked Nick since the first day I came across him. Most of the time we agree, but I'll find something to pick on him about I'm sure. He's fairly new to the blogging scene (since the Heatleygate scandal) so I think it's fair to give him a chance. He's a good writer and it will be nice to see him grow right here at OJ.  I suppose we can rib him too. He's as close to a rookie as it gets around here. ; )

Nick is originally from Edmonton but is living in Victoria, BC right now.  He can't wait to get back to E-town and attend the U of A after graduating from school.  He's been one of the Oilers biggest supporters since he was five years old and now living in BC, takes a constant verbal beating from Canuck fans because he's a "Coilers" fan. I can feel his pain as I was raised in BC as well and it sucked. Canuck fans have a way of pissing you off. Nick's living the hell right now. Poor guy. Come back soon.

With his love for the game of hockey and the Edmonton Oilers, I think he's going to add a little pizazz to Oilers Jambalaya and our lives. Thanks for coming Nick.

Well this is a great day for us and we want thank Scarlett and Nick for coming here and helping us improve Oilers Jambalaya.

And we thank you the readers, the only reason Oilers Jambalaya exists.

-Smokin' Ray-


  1. Welcome new people? My favorite blog is getting better??? How is this possible?

    Keep up the great work guys and a huge welcome to the new people.

  2. Glad to be here. This will be fun!

  3. Like Nick said, great to be here and ready to rock!

  4. Thanks for coming here you two. I'm excited about this chance to have you here. WOoOOoOoO! GOILERSJAMBALAYA!

  5. Cool. Glad to see some new faces. Not that I didn't like the old ones. lol. Good stuff here and I look forward to reading the new guys. Girls. Guy and girl.

  6. Welcome. Look forward to reading the new people.

  7. Excited as always, and good luck all.

  8. Welcome aboard, Scarlett and Nick. It's always nice to have new content. Hope you'll enjoy your time here as much as I have. GOILERSJAMBALAYA!!!!

  9. Hey, that's awesome guys.

    I'm looking forward to even more good content from this site.

    It's hard to keep things fresh with the Oilers in 30th... Well, I'm finding that at my blog. I'm still here though, lol. Having some new perspectives from two new writers should help with that!

  10. Make it 3 I do rumors here now.


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