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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oilers on top of the world...well the Leafs at least

I know I am just a rumor blogger and am not an Oilers fan (Devils fan here) however I do know a lot about them and I want you guys to know that the Oilers are above at least 1 team..... guess who?

The Toronto Maple Leafs.

You guys (Oilers fans) think you are in a rough position (last in the NHL). Well, the Leafs are in a worse position.  Not only are they 3rd last in the NHL, but they don't have a 1st this year (Cam Fowler???), or a 1st next year either... terrible.

They have 3 big assets Tomas Kaberle (NTC), Phil Kessel (they just got him) and Nazem Kadri (gosh forbid they have 1 good prospect), so they are looking at dealing all of their other good players Hagman, Ponikarovsky and such just to get some 2nd round picks where you draft players that may or may not ever play in the NHL.

Oilers nation don't worry you have a bright future with Taylor Hall, Svenson, Eberle, etc.., plus you have Hemsky and Khabibulin injured who are big time players and will be ready and fresh for next season. Also, despite losing all of the time, you get to watch one of the most talented Defenseman in the NHL.  No not Sheldon Souray, I am talking about Lubomir Visnovsky. This guy is just so talented and is really a treat to watch.

That is all for now Oiler nation please comment and let me know how I did.  If it was bad I will just stick to my rumors (and Devils at a different site).

Quick leafs rumor update

Leafs GM Brian Burke has given Garnet Exelby permission to seek a trade.

Preds re-sign Goc

The Nashville Predators have signed forward Marcel Goc to a one-year contract extension worth $775,000.


  1. Devils fan? Sacre bleu!! :)

    You're right, there are some nice pieces going forward on this team. There is a good basis to start from and I really hope they don't trade Lubo.

  2. Good stuff Todd. Your right, Lubo is a treat to watch. But I'm afraid he may get traded. Other teams don't want junk, so he may be the one to go. I guess we will see. *fingers crossed for no trade*

    ps. I did an edit. I can't help it. I have OCD. lol.

  3. WOW! Content overload. Nice. This is why I LOVE this site. You guys are always finding ways to change for the better.



  5. Thanks a lot Smokin' Ray I was just excited to make a post about the Oilers here....guess I wasn't paying attention.

  6. Lubo is my "Hero" for this season, the guy is awesome. Never really thought that much about the Leafs position, other than the no 1st rounder part. *laughs uncontrolably for 5 mins* Boy I'm glad we have the assets that we do.


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