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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rumors, call-ups and injury updates

First off I would like to introduce myself, I am Todd, I own my own site NHLTALK202 I am a rumor and Devils blogger there (I am doing rumors here) I have blogged for Hendrickshockey, Hockeyleaks and various other publications. I am thrilled to be here and would like to thank you guys for the opportunity. Now down to business.

Flames call-up F Mikael Backlund

The Calgary Flames have called up Forward Mikael Backlund in hopes to jump start some Offense, He will be on the 1st unit for the Flames.

Islanders prospect Calvin de Haan out 6 months

Islanders prospect Calvin de Haan suffered shoulder injury on Sunday in Oshawa. He will have surgery and will miss the next six months...tough break for the kid.

Quick Souray update

I have heard/read rumors that Souray will end up in Washington. I  doubt that will happen as he wants to stay in the West and location is a big thing for him and his family but it is possible.

Fantasy team of the week 

W - Daniel Sedin (2G, 5A, 7P, 10 shots) (Canucks)

C  - Tim Connolly (2G, 6A, 8P, 11 shots) (Sabres)

W - Jason Pominville (3G, 5A, 8P, 15 shots) (Sabres)

D  - Rob Blake (2G, 3A, 5P, 8 shots) (Sharks)

D  - Dan Boyle (1G, 4A, 5P, 4 shots) (Sharks)

G  - Craig Anderson (3W, 1GA, 80 SV, 2 SO) (Avalanche)

Bruins may be closing in on a trade

According to Jimmy Murphy of the Bruins may be close to a trade, he stated not to expect Kovalchuk or Phaneuf but a trade for a player of less value like Ray Whitney or Matt Cullen.

That is all for now all comments are welcome!


  1. Well folks. I went out on a limb again. Todd asked me if he could put out a post and I said why not? What could I lose? Hope you guys don't mind. This isn't Eklund kind of stuff so it's cool in my books.

    Let me/us know what you think?

  2. It'll be interesting what happens with Shelly. He has control(NTC) until July, after that it's best offer wins.

    Looking forward to your rumors and such. Just curious how many games, your fantasy team players, played in during the week. Good stuff.

  3. Cool. Nice addition guys.

  4. Good feature guys. I like it.

    Souray to Washington won't happen. They don't need him.


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