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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Shameless Plugs - The Oilogosphere

Since we have all heard what Sheldon Souray said, my depression level just went down a notch.  That's right folks, I'm not the same guy I was in the early part of December - you know... Mr. WeCanDoIt. Right now, as an Oiler fan, it can't get much worse.  I personally like to see the team make the playoffs no matter what, but I'm getting used to the idea that they are crappy and are most likely getting a top three pick.  So instead of speculating and talking about how bad the team is, I figured it was best to share the good things about this team. We (the fans) have a great community to relay our thoughts, opinions and stories. It's called the Oilogosphere and here are my favorite reads.

OilersNation is one of the first places I found when looking for Oiler sites.  I loved the writing there and it really inspired me to start up Oilers Jambalaya.  Robin Brownlee is my favorite writer period.  He's a great read and is always entertaining.  And if you say something stupid, he'll tell you it was stupid.  Gotta love the honesty there.  Jason Gregor, Jonathan Willis, Bingofuel, Amber McCormick and the man behind it all, Wanye Gretz are the other writers there.  Not to forget the Minister Towel Boy and his pool updates - which I am bombing in by the way.  It's a great site and usually my first stop when I turn on the computer.

Cult of Hockey - is another great place to go.  David Staples is the main man there and I always enjoy what he writes.  He's a smart guy who gets to the bottom of things and has a great insight into what is going on around the Edmonton Oilers hockey club.  From time to time, I contribute to the player grades for David and it's always a pleasure to do them.  So go there and learn a little, I do.

For obvious reasons, I'm going to list in this list.  This is the official website for the Oilers.  It's always great content.

Now, Jay from is a good example of the way things should be more often in life.  I guess in some places, having 25 of the same blogs would lead to competition, and I'm sure there is lots of it happening all over the world.  But not around here.  The Oilogosphere guys are friendly.  Not long ago, Jay informed us about the Cover It Live application that we have been using in our LIVE TweetCasts (awesome application).  We probably never would have found it if it wasn't for Jay. Thanks again Jay.  Jay is the main guy there and he writes some fantastic stuff there and always has a game day pregame report.  Low on Oil is a good stop so go there.

Lowetide is the site that everyone wants to be like.  He gets 30+ comments every time he posts.  He could write one sentence. Boom! 30 comments.  He's insightful and carries a great conversation.  I may not comment there much, but I read it everyday.

If you don't mind being offended once in a while, you need to go see JeanShortsandBaggedMilk.  Two crazy dudes that can make you laugh and cry all in one read.  These two have been cool to me since day one and it's always nice to have a couple of nut jobs to roll with you into a knife fight.  They may not fight well, but they sure are funny.  Again... a daily read.

After every Oiler game, you should check out mc79hockey.  I love the scoring chances sheet that Tyler Dellow & Co does. I find it very telling on how each player/line worked.  It's a definite must read. I love it so much, a link for each game is added to every Beers & Jeers Oilers Recap we do.

Anthony Ta has been a friend to us for a long time.  We love his writing and he is guy everyone should read.  He writes at An Oilers Refinery, The Bleacher Report, and the first place he started, Strange Deadfellows.  He's always a must read and a heck of a nice guy.  Be sure to say hi from us.

The guys from Putting On The Foil also have a great site.  They have great views on the Oilers hockey club.  I especially love their MS Paint work.  Racki and the guys have this way of arguing without arguing. It's great stuff. I recommend you go here.  They stay on top of the current news.

The Copper & Blue site which was the brain child of Jonathan Willis, is a constant changing site.  They have some really good writers who keep the content flowing.  With JW off doing the Score's Hockey or Die! and OilersNation, he's enlisted Derek Zona, Benjamin Massey, Bruce McCurdy and Scott Reynolds and they are top notch guys and their writing speaks for itself.  This is more than a daily site, it's as current as they come.

Here are other great sites I read daily.

Who Saw This Coming? - The Towel Boy

Oilers Insider - Hockey News & Rumors

Coming Down The Pipe - with Dean Millard and Guy Flaming

Nick and Boston's Oiler Blog

Springfield Falcons News

Bring Back The Glory (Oilers Blog) by Shepso, BCB, Zhromg, Sean and Sachia

Hockey or Die! by Jonathan Willis

Ryan Batty's Oiler blog for the Hockey Independent

Black Dog Hates Skunks by Pat McLean

Off The Post an Oilers Blog

This Is Not A Love Song an Oilers Blog

There is more that I read but for what ever reason(s), I've forgotten them.  Sorry. Don't forget that all these links are in the box on the right hand side of this blog.

We thank you for coming and reading Oilers Jambalaya.  It's a fans blog for fans.


  1. Anyone who reads "Who Saw This Coming?!?" gets a guaranteed entry into a draw for a $7 "Swiss Chalet" gift card.*

    You can quote me on that.

    -The Towel Boy

    *this is not a guarantee.

  2. thnx ray for the mention of our blog.

  3. Thanks for providing all thes links. I've found a few I didn't know about. Thanks Oilers Jambalaya.

  4. Thanks for the plug, Ray.

    I'd email you a beer if it was technologically possible.

    Maybe mail?


  5. No problem Nick, I like you guys.

    And no problem to you Chappy. I like your blog. No beer required.

    I had a email the other day and this site wanted me to pay them to add a link to their site. Why on earth would I pay for a link. I link to anybody. For free. It's how karma works. Pay for a link. Pfft.

  6. Thanks for the plug guys.. good work here too. I have been meaning to get around to doing the same sort of thing for a while!


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