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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Could Moreau Be A Leaf?

Darren Dreger from TSN is reporting that The Leafs might be willing to take the Edmonton Oilers Ethan Moreau. The Leafs are reported to be looking for some kind of compensation from the Oilers for taking Moreau's contract as he has one more year on his current deal and it's a $2 million cap hit..

What kind of compensation? The Leafs most likely want a draft pick from the Oilers.  Would they take a prospect instead of a pick? I don't know.

It's also been reported that Exelby or Stempniak are the Leafs mentioned in this deal. One of them will be the "prize".

Let's not get our hopes up. Tambo might still be assessing.

-Smokin' Ray-

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