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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Trade in the Works

According to Chris Vivlamore (Thrashers beat writer) for AJC Kari Lehtonen may have been dealt to Dallas.

"I'm hearing more than rumbles that Kari Lehtonen has been traded to Dallas. Didn't accompany team to Denver."

**UPDATE** From Chris Vivlamore "Deal for Lehtonen could involve defenseman Ivan Vishnevskiy. Maybe a low-round draft pick."

**UPDATE #2** This from Bob McKenzie "Kari Lehtonen trade from Atlanta to Dallas has not yet been completed but it MAY happen later tonight. Stay tuned."

**UPDATE #3** Bob McKenzie "The deal is Kari Lehtonen to Dallas for defenceman Ivan Vishnevsky and a fourth-round draft choice." 

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