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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

B&J #116 - Edmonton Oilers Recap vs Chicago Blackhawks (3/3/10)

There was a game on tonight. The Oilers lost to the Hawks 5-2. The Oilers did a good job for the first half, but the sleeping Hawks woke up and laid a beating on the AHL Oilers. Dubynk was hammered for 47 shots, while the Oilers fired off a paltry 14. I'm sure that just summed up the game for you. Sorry, it's hard to care.

But all this trade shenanigans that went down today (and yesterday) really disappointed me.

I don't know about you guys, but I was stunned when Grebeshkov was traded, but I kept telling myself it's for something bigger. Fair enough right? A 2nd round pick is pretty good. You can hopefully pick a solid kid that will be a good NHL'er someday. But the Grebeshkov deal did release some much needed cap relief. Again, cool with that.

Then we traded Cody Wild to the Boston Bruins for Matt Marquardt. I guess that was a farm team addition for down the road. Whatever. I don't care about this deal.

Once the action started to heat up this morning, I was fired up. What will Tambo do today? Who's the "big fish" the Oilers are going to snag this year? So every 15 minutes I would sneak away and check my Twitter on my phone.

Let me just say that I was quite entertained today. Everyone and their dog was trying to be first in announcing the trades. Nobody really did "break" anything other than Darren Dreger and Bob MacKenzie. Everyone else were chasers. Quick fingers will get you second, but not first. That takes connections.

Back to the trades. Once I heard that the Oilers snagged Ryan Jones from the Nashville Predators off of waivers, I was even more intrigued by Tambellini's master plan. THANK GOD HE HAS A PLAN!

I like Ryan Jones. He's going to fit in good and I'm sure the Oilers plan to keep him long term or at least the rest of the year. He has one more year left on his contract and it's a $0.975 million cap hit. Not expensive. He's 25 years old and has the same size as Ryan Stone. I'm sure Jonsey will be a fan favorite.

In between the Souray to the Devils and the Moreau to the Leafs "deals" that were floating around, I started to mind wander. Who's the new Oiler going to be? What's he going to be like? *rubs hands and laughs*

For awhile there, I thought the Oilers were going to get Peter Mueller or Wojtek Wolski. I even heard that the Oilers were in on Horton and Dubinsky. Then I heard Tom Gilbert was on his way to any team that needed a defenseman. The Twitter World was a crazy messed up place for a two hour span.

Then, as the deadline passes, my excitement turns to anger. Tambo did nothing?!? What the hell? Just as I was giving up hope, I see this: Oilers trade Visnovsky to the Ducks.

What? For who? I'm freaking out. The next tweet rolls by and I see the name Ryan. My heart started racing. WE GOT BOBBY RYAN!

Oh... *sigh* Ryan Whitney.

The trade was Lubomir Visnovsky for Ryan Whitney and the Ducks 6th round pick in 2010. The Oilers save $1.6 million on the cap hit and gain a low draft pick, but lose another puck moving defenseman. This to me, was the confusing part. Grebs and now Lubo? Who's going to get the puck out of our own zone?

So as I am thinking about how this trade must have something positive for me to hang my hat on, another Oiler tweet appears. The Oilers trade Steve Staios to the Flames.


It being Steve Staios wasn't shocking to me at all. It was the trade partner. Never before in the history of the Oilers organization has there ever been a trade between the Flames and the Oilers. SHOCKING!?!

So the trade officially was, Steve Staios to the Flames for defenseman Aaron Johnson and the Flames 3rd round pick in either 2010 or 2011. It's the Flames choice what year the Oilers get the pick.

Well there must be one more deal in the line right? Right?

Nope. That's it. The deals are over. *sigh* I'm sad.

After the dust settled, I read something that David Staples said. He says that Tambo doesn't have a plan. He's right. I thought by now Tambo would. But it's quite clear he doesn't.

So now it's 10:00 pm and I still don't feel any better about this hockey club. Ethan Moreau and Patrick O'Sullivan are still here. He failed to get a pick, any pick for Mike Comrie. He failed on a lot of levels today. Steve Tambellini does not give me any hope for the future.

I need hope. Life is built on it.


Here is the TSN Trade Tracker


The New Guys

Ryan Whitney (D)
Ryan Jones (F)
Aaron Johnson (D)
Matt Marquardt (F)
2nd Round Pick in 2010 (Nash)
3rd Round Pick in 2010 or 2011 (Cgy)
6th Round Pick in 2010 (Ana)

The Old Guys

Denis Grebeshkov (D)
Lubomir Visnovsky (D)
Steve Staios (D)
Cody Wild (D)


Pre-Game Records

Edmonton Oilers (19-37-6) at Chicago Blackhawks (41-16-5)



Penner Gagner Nilsson
Potulny O'Sullivan Pisani
Stortini Horcoff Jones
Cogliano Brule Pouliot

Chorney Strudwick
Peckham Gilbert
Modin Arsene



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Edmonton Oilers - 2

Chicago Black Hawks - 5



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None -



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Edmonton Oilers vs. Minnesota Wild

Friday, 05/03/2010
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