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Friday, March 26, 2010

Game Recap: Ryan Whitney Takes It To The Ducks In An Oiler Loss

This is brief game recap of the Edmonton Oilers vs the Anaheim Ducks game on Sportsnet West.



Anaheim Ducks (34-31-8) at Edmonton Oilers (24-42-7)



Anaheim Ducks - 3

Edmonton Oilers - 2



Penner Cogliano Brule
Moreau Horcoff Pisani
Nilsson Potulny O'Sullivan
Comrie Pouliot Stortini

Whitney Gilbert
Chorney Strudwick
Johnson Arsene





The Good:

- Jeff Deslauriers was good. He made some big saves (37 in total) and gave the Oilers hope when the game was looking bleak. He played hard and the team didn't give him much help once the Ducks got going in the 3rd.

- Gilbert Brule played himself a good game. He was everywhere and tried to make an impact on every shift he was out. He had 5 shots on goal and scored with one of them. He's definitely a bright spot on next years team.

- Ryan Whitney was hungry to show the Ducks what they gave up on. I think with his 2 assists and 27:08 in ice time, he did just that. He even got into it with Troy Bodie (a former Oiler prospect) and showed a lot of piss and vinegar. I am really liking the cut of his jib.

- Instead of hating him, I liked Marc Pouliot tonight.

- I liked the passion from Dean Arsene. His rough treatment on Bobby Ryan and then the mercy fight with Mike Brown (he was killed in that fight), was good to see from an Oiler defenceman.

- I thought Mike Comrie had a good game. He didn't score, but he made some great plays and had 4 shots.

- Tom Gilbert never ceases to amaze me lately. He played 25:17 and didn't make a lot of mistakes. He also picked up an assist.

- Patrick O'Sullivan was back in the lineup. He was pretty solid and it looked like his finger didn't hurt him that much.

The Not So Good:

- I miss Visnovsky.

- I don't know how many times Kevin Quinn said "601" in reference to Teemu Selanne being at 600 goals, but it got old real quick.

- Once again the 2009/10 Edmonton Oilers team blows a game in the 3rd period. Even with endless Power Plays, they were out-skilled and outplayed by the Ducks. The 3rd period started as a 1-1 tie game and it got going at the 10 minute mark, for the Ducks. Then with two minutes left they turn it on and get some real good chances or a goal like tonight. It's this aspect of the Oilers game that I really hope they change for next season. I really do not like it.

- And to top it off, the game was boring for the first 50 minutes.

- TheCaptainEthanMoreau had 3 giveaways and had enough ice time that he should have accomplished more than he did. How is this guy NOT in Springfield with the Falcons? Seriously.

The Side Dish:

- The Springfield Falcons lost to the Lowell Devils 4-3 in the shootout. Jordan Eberle picked up an assist and scored a goal in the shootout during the loss. Eberle has at least one point in every game he's played with the Falcons so far this year.

- The Stockton Thunder also played tonight. Recap soon.







Edmonton Oilers vs St. Louis Blues

Sunday 28/03/10
4:00 pm MST
Sportsnet West

-Written by Smokin' Ray-

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