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Monday, March 29, 2010

Is Pat Quinn Off His Rocker? & The Battle Of The #1 Draft Picks

It appears the lines for the Oilers have changed again. This is what the Oilers official Twitter account is saying today;

18-10-34 / 27-13-91 / 28-16-67 / 12-78-46 (19).

I am officially going to say now that Pat Quinn is all but off his silver rocker. I've been good all year about giving the guy the benefit of the doubt, but enough is enough.

It appears that Patrick O'Sullivan is going to be the guy that sits out next game. What?!? I'm confused?

O'Sullivan was arguably one of the better Oilers last game and he's the one to sit? Really?

What about the shoddy play by the Captain Ethan Moreau? What about the non-existence of Fernando "2006" Pisani? What about Marc "The Waste Of A Draft Pick" Pouliot? What has he done? What about Stortini?

So while Quinn sits Mike Comrie and O'Sullivan on rotation, those wastes of roster spots keep playing. I just don't get it.

*shakes head and shrugs shoulders*

What else is bugging me today?

Is the Horcoff line really thought of as the #1 line? Really? Really?!?


To make things a little easier for the Edmonton Oilers hockey club, the Windsor Spitfires are going to be playing the Plymouth Whalers in the 2nd round of the OHL playoffs.

That's right folks, Taylor Hall & Cam Fowler vs Tyler Seguin.

All three of the top draft picks playing in one great hockey series.

Action begins Thursday at 5 pm MT in Windsor.

Thurs., April 1 at Windsor 7:05pm EST
Sat., April 3 at Plymouth 7:05pm EST
Mon., April 5 at Windsor 7:05pm EST
Wed., April 7 at Plymouth 7:05pm EST
Thurs., April 8 at Windsor 7:05pm EST
Sat., April 10 at Plymouth 7:05pm EST
Mon., April 12 at Windsor 7:05pm EST

Taylor Hall Video

Tyler Seguin Video

-Written by Smokin' Ray-


  1. Agreed, minus Stortini. He's not going to lead the scoring charge, but he knows his game and he plays it well 85% of the time. He's being underused just as much as Comrie, except he gets to watch most of the game from the bench instead of the press box.
    But yes between these sporadic, nonsensical line up changes every game, and those really odd quotes after the Anaheim game about shitting in their pants or whatever, I think the Silver Fox has finally snapped. At least he'll have a nice, long summer to drink the memories away and get ready for next season.

  2. Maybe Quinn isn't concerned about O'sullivan's he would like to keep an eye on players who are on the bubble. Or O'sullivan's finger is bothering him too much, which could also be the reason.

    Other than that, O'sullivan is inconsistent as hell. Sure, I wouldn't sit a guy RIGHT after a good performance...but all damn season this guy has played like a pussy.

  3. @ Anonymous: I totally agree. He (O'Sullivan) has played like a pussy all season. I'd also believe the hurt finger issue. I also agree that maybe Quinn wants to see other people that are on the bubble.

    But are Moreau or Pisani even close to the bubble? In fact, why is Moreau playing at all? He's been the biggest disappointment of the season. Some Captain he is.

  4. This is "anonymous" again...will go by etownhockey from here on out.

    Looks like O'Sullivan is in the line up after all.

    In regards to Moreau. If you were to sit him now might you risk not being able to trade him this offseason? He isn't exactly helping his value by playing either, but it might send the wrong message to the team and to potential trading partners if you sit the captain. I'm guessing they want to wait until the offseason to either buy him out or try and trade him. Who knows what the Oilers thought process is on Pisani, he can be a useful penalty killer...but at the same time I sure hope to hell they don't resign him. I think there are other options out there, that are more healthy to boot.

  5. @etownhockey lol. He did play last night. I guess my spaz was for nothing.

    If they sat Moreau right now I would truly think the rest of the team would be for the most part, happy. He's not a good leader anymore. As I used to say a lot, Leadership is action... not position. Moreau just can't do that anymore. If he wasn't traded at the deadline, I'm going to guess that he wasn't in demand. I would expect Moreau to be bought out this summer.

    I also hope Pisani is not resigned.


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