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Monday, March 29, 2010

Linus Omark Coming North America? Should I be Excited?

Reports out of Russia this morning are reporting that Oilers' prospect Linus Omark has left Dynamo Moscow of the KHL. He exercised an option in his contract not to return next season to Dynamo Moscow.

This could be a blessing for the Oilers, if they can convince Omark to come to North America to play. If Omark does decide to come play, it's safe to say that he might get that one way contract. This would open up the door to Jordan Eberle to continue his development in the AHL next season.

Omark was drafted by the Oilers in 97th overall pick in 2007.

SMOKIN' RAY: I don't know a whole lot about Linus Omark. From the reports that I have read, he's a real good player. Also from what I have been told, he's far more advanced than Eberle, MPS and Lander. I guess we will have to wait to training camp to see more about Omark and see if he makes the team or not.

I'm really not getting my hopes up.


  1. If he wants to be a player that has done it all. He needs to show up, and make his mark in North America.

  2. @OilFieldHockey: Your right. I suspect he will be coming to North America. I just don't see the Oilers giving him a one way deal. Unless he's really that good.

  3. I'm excitied. I hope he comes here right now.


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