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Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Take: Doug Sauter by OilField Hockey

I am going to start off "My Take" on things hockey here. For my 1st edition of "My Take" on the blog. I am going to look if former Oklahoma City Blazers' coach Doug Sauter should be on the coaching staff.

This is a touchy subject for most Oklahoma City Hockey fans. The feelings towards Doug Sauter, is that there are some who love him. But there are those fans who don't think he couldn't coach a side of a barn. There is no doubt Sauter's coaching record seems pretty stellar at first glance. The Blazers only made it to the post season 11 out 14 seasons, during Sauter's tenure in Oklahoma City. So here's the post season breakdown, out of 4 times making to the final round.

The Blazers split the difference by winning two championships in 1995-96 and 2000-01 seasons. Sauter and his team never made it past the 1st round of playoffs four times. Then they never made it passed the 2nd round three times. If you look at his total winning percentage over his 14 years. His record comes out to be with a winning percentage of .556 percent.

Do I think Sauter should part of the coaching staff here in Oklahoma City? No. I think he has a great persona about him, which could make him useful in finding some talent to bring here. If he gets on to the coaching staff, it shouldn't be behind the bench.

He should be someone who sits in the crowd to look at things from a different perspective. No one can mistake him for who he is in Oklahoma City, and what he did here. I believe it's time for the torch to be passed to a new coach, who just maybe can return glory to Oklahoma City hockey history.

Written by OilField Hockey


  1. It's posts like this one that makes me happy about our new partnership with OilField Hockey.

    I have no idea who Doug Sauter is, but thanks to OFH, I do now.

    I think we forget sometimes that there is history in some of these places where the AHL teams play.

    Oklahoma City is now saying goodbye to a long standing OKC Blazers era, and they are now making way to the a new era. An Oilers era.

    We don't know the new name for the team yet, but no matter what it is, it's going to create a new history in Oklahoma City.

    Thanks to OilField Hockey for sharing these stories with us.

  2. doug has to big of a head just like his sons. Where are his sons playing? Wawota Flyers organization which anyone can play with. I guess he couldnt make them out to be hockey players so how could he coach an AHL team.


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