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Friday, March 19, 2010

The New Oklahoma City AHL Team - A List Of The Domains

Today let's look at the list of potential names for Oklahoma City's AHL Team, by looking the domain names that have been reserved by Prodigal Hockey. It looks like the PH wants to make sure that they make sure to choose a name that fits the team. (since has been taken down) (should not be used,due TOO much association with the NBA team)

Tell Us at what you think the name should be, by voting for it on the poll.


  1. Great work here by OilField Hockey. I like the two names, Oil Barons and the Twisters.

    But I still feel like these guys can come up with something better.

    Like the OKC Rage or the OKC Warriors (which was a OKC team a kong time ago)or the OKC Force. I was just hoping for something cool. Not familiar.

    What do you guys think?

  2. @Smokin Ray- The Rage was the name of Portland's (Oregon)Roller Hockey team in the early 90s.Kind of a cool name, really.

  3. When choosing a name for the team, I think they have to be aware of domain names and what the identity is. I'm not sure the, or would be attractive identities for the team and would open the door to crappy (no pun intended) nicknames used by other teams fans... just my opinion... Being a calgary flames fan I know what we have called the oilers on occasion :) I live in OKC now and of course have my season tickets already...


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