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Sunday, March 14, 2010

OilField Hockey Partners With Oilers Jambalaya

Well, we did it again. Oilers Jambalaya is happy to say, we have formed a partnership with the new AHL blog called OilField Hockey. Thanks to OFH, we will now be providing the OJ readers with up to date news and analysis on the new Edmonton Oilers AHL farm team in Oklahoma City.

Scott is the guy that writes the (brand new blog, he started it in March) blog and he is located directly in Oklahoma City. He's pretty excited as he's purchased seasons tickets for next season and he's amped up and is excited to watch the new team in his hometown.

As Oiler fans know, we have some great talent in the farm system and I'd expect the new Oklahoma City AHL team to be a pretty good one.

As he has mentioned to me, there isn't a whole lot of media around his area that gives a lot of attention to the game of hockey. So luckily for me and you, we have OilField Hockey.

So, thanks again OFH for working with us at Oilers Jambalaya, you will find our readers are very passionate about the game of hockey and I'm sure you will help fuel the passion. GONEWOKCAHLTEAM!!!

OilField Hockey is not affiliated with the Prodigal Hockey,LLC or yet to be named AHL Club, the Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club, the AHL, the NHL, or any of their partner organizations

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