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Monday, April 12, 2010

Common Themes - A Look Into The Past

I would have to think with Souray coming out and speaking his mind like this about the management team is true, you really need to step back and look at things again.

Souray was quoted as saying, "I wasn’t even ready to play when I came here, but it was like, ‘We signed you, you go out and play.’ I hadn’t been cleared to play yet, but I was being questioned by the organization:‘When are you going to be able to play?’".

Wow! If this statement has any merit and it's true, then I'm shocked.

Souray also had this to say, ""I got challenged by management on the very first day of my first training camp. The very first day," he said. "They said, ‘When are you going to play?’ I said, ‘I have a six month (shoulder) injury and I’m at five months.’ But I played."

Again. Wow!

But, if you look at another player in this organization, I could see what Souray is saying as true.

Nikolai Khabibulin: He was signed in the summer as "damaged goods". The Oilers knew full well what they were getting into with Khabbi. They knew he couldn't pull a Luongo and go 70 something games. Yet, when the season started, how many games did Khabbi play before he was hurt? How many games did Jeff Deslauriers play as a backup?

Khabbi played 4 games to start the year in a row, with JDD getting in for one. Khabbi then played 5 games straight, while again, JDD plays one. Then he plays 6 and sits for one before playing 3 more and he's done for the year.

Why was Khabibulin played so much? Who made that choice? Bucky? Quinn? Tambellini? Lowe? Katz?

That was a real stupid move on someone's part and seeing what Souray said, I'd put some blame on Tambellini. Wouldn't you?

Seeing what Souray says, it all makes sense. In fact, I bet there is a lot of stories like this out there. *cough* Staios. *cough* concussion.

-Written by Smokin' Ray-

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