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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Devan Dubnyk The Destroyer / An Oilers Game Recap

This is brief game recap of the Edmonton Oilers vs the Los Angeles Kings game on Sportsnet West.



Edmonton Oilers (26-46-8) at Los Angeles (45-27-8)



Edmonton Oilers - 4

Los Angeles Kings - 3 Shootout



Penner Potulny Cogliano
Comrie Stortini O'Sullivan
Moreau Horcoff Pisani
Linglet Pouliot Jones

Whitney Gilbert
Chorney Strudwick
Johnson Arsene






Game Notes:

- The Oilers started the game on fire. Then by the halfway through the first it was all Kings. The Kings really applied the pressure on the Oilers. But, the 1st ended 1-0 for the Oilers despite being out-shot by the Kings.

- The 2nd period still wasn't good for the Oilers. The Kings again came out ready to beat the Oilers. Despite taking a ton of shots at Dubnyk, they couldn't score. The Oilers did however. It was 2-0 after the 2nd period was over.

- Even though the Oilers again scored early in the 3rd, the Kings were still taking it to them. Bam! Bam! It`s a 3-2 game. Bam! Now it's a 3-3 tie game. Holy crap! It was looking like the Oilers were going to implode once again, but the game went to overtime.

- Overtime settled nothing and the shootout was next. Potulny and Horcoff score to win it for the Oilers.

The Good:

- Devan Dubnyk was really good tonight. He faced 55 shots and had a shutout going into the 3rd period. I decided just for fun to see who people would choose. So I asked the people that were around for the TweetCast who they would keep if they had to pick, Dubnyk or Deslauriers. 10 people chose Dubnyk and 1 chose Deslauriers. I was one of the 10 that picked DD.

- Mike Comrie was the man tonight. Partly because Hillary Duff was at the game. He ALWAYS plays well when she is there. With 2 goals on 3 shots, I'd say Mike was on fire, or just a show off. I wonder if the Oilers are going to bring him back for another year? I don't think I'd be opposed to it. For a guy who I hated so much, I no longer have that hate for Mike.

- Tom Gilbert is easily the most improved player in the last half of the season. Ever since Ryan Whitney came into his life, he's be terrific. He scores a goal and has 2 assists tonight and led the team with 4 blocked shots. That's a great effort on his part.

- Ryan Whitney is slowing becoming one of my Jib cutters. He's a real key cog in helping Gilbert turn the page. He had 2 assists and was +2 tonight.

- Marc Pouliot was the best at faceoffs tonight at 50%. Other than that, he did squat.

- The "New Bash Brothers" Arsene and Johnson were pretty dominant in the hitting department. Johnson had 5 hits and Arsene had 4 hits.

The Not So Good:

- The Oilers were out-shot 55-16. I can not believe they won a game while getting destroyed in shots.

- The Chorney/Strudwick train wreck was in full force tonight. Chorney made a weak pass on his first shift and never looked back. Both guys ended up -2 each. I don't want either one of these guys back.

- The play that caused the penalty shot that Whitney took was bad. He gave the puck away at the Kings bklueline and then rushed back and grabbed Modin and hauled him down in front of DD. Good thing Dubnyk saved that penalty shot.

The Side Dish:

- The Edmonton Oilers website has a draft simulator. Try it here. It's kind of fun.

- The Springfield Falcons lost in a 7-5 game to the Wolf Pack. Click here for the recap.






Edmonton Oilers vs Anaheim Ducks
Sun 11/04/2010
6:00 PM
Sportsnet West


-Written by Smokin' Ray-

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