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Monday, May 24, 2010

The Barons' Barn

The Cox Convention Center(a.k.a. The Myriad) opened up to the pubic in November 1972. And has been hosts to several concerts from Elvis Presley to Guns n Roses. And is now home to the Oklahoma City Barons, and the Arena portion of the Convention Center. It's the 3rd time in the Arena's history that home to a profressional hockey team. The arena for Ice Hockey can hold up to 13,399 people according to the Wikipedia article. The Arena is under going a 4.5 million dollar renovation to bring the ice plant, locker rooms, and restrooms up to standards. This renovation plan was instrumental in bringing the Oilers top farm team to Oklahoma City. And it hasn't cost the taxpayers any additional funding through a sales tax.The Arena has a really nice scoreboard in place to give you, as you can see from this picture. It has to video boards on either end of the ice, so that fans don't miss out on any of the action. And just from the low ceiling that's it's going to be the loudest arena in the AHL. Opponents and Referees don't know what is going to hit them once set foot in "The Barons' Barn".

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