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Thursday, May 6, 2010

OilField Hockey / A Gift From Or For Prodigal?

With a Twitter post that has left many Oklahoma City and Edmonton fans, a buzz with a potential name for Oilers AHL franchise. Several media outlets are starting to report about this twitter post. Ted Streuli over at the Journal Record, published an article last night on Journal Record's website. According to Streuli that no one has confirmed(or denied) the name, but then the article turns into more speculation on some off the wall names. Now Mike Sherman and Jenni Carlson over at The Oklahoman. They are blogging about the name as it was set in stone. Yet there is one part of Jenni Carlson's post in which I found interesting.
"It was a bad decision, and after the Thunder(NBA) made the playoffs, it became an even worse one. The franchise has lost weeks and weeks that it could’ve been out there building on the momentum that came with the announcement in February. Hockey fans were on fire then. Even the casual fans were feeling the heat. But the franchise stood by and let the flames die out." Even if the post didn't come from Prodigal, they couldn't have asked for a better gift. In getting fans excited again about hockey returning to Oklahoma City.


Smokin' Ray Says: This gets more interesting as the days tick on.

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