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Sunday, May 16, 2010

OKC Barons, Bisons, Roughnecks? Hold The Phone, I'm Confused

Hmmm... A few things have come to my attention today.

First, Derek Zona at had this to say today. CLICK HERE

Interesting isn't it? So it appears the team could be called the OKC Roughnecks. Hmmm...

Then I received this in my email inbox. CLICK HERE

The OKC Bisons!? What the hell right? Now you see why I'm so confused?

So, it could be the Roughnecks and it could be the Bisons or... it could just still be the Barons. If you ask me, I think all this leak stuff is a sham. It's going to be the Barons. It has to be.

There is no other logo's made (that we can find). And according to, the jersey's are made because they are giving one away at the Press Conference. So I don't buy the Bison or the Roughnecks leaks. There would be more "stuff" out there for us to find. No?

I suppose on the 19th, we will find out for sure. I guess this makes the and the Oilers Jambalaya LIVE TweetCast that more important to view.

On a side note: If it's not the Barons, I'm going to have to build a new header for the site. I kind of jumped the gun a little. lol

-Smokin' Ray-


  1. Yeah, the local paper here in OKC has a lot of theories. They are banking on the Barons name, too. Apparently, though, our local Minor League baseball team, the Redhawks, had all of their concession workers wearing shirts that said something like, "Hockey is back in OKC" on the front and on the back, and OKC Bisons logo was printed. No one can get to the bottom of it, though. The paper quoted one of the workers as saying, "Our boss just told us to wear these," but Prodigal Hockey wouldn't comment. Wednesday is going to be interesting, though.

  2. The Bisons shirt was just nothing but a sub-par PR trick to get fans interested again. But if Prodigal had done their job correctly. And never let the excitement die down, even during the Thunder playoff run.

  3. One more day till we find out for sure!!!


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