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Saturday, May 22, 2010

OKC Barons / The Possible Lines For 2010/11

With all the hype right now about the new Oklahoma City Barons, I figured I'd do up some possible lines for the upcoming season.

Be warned. These lines most likely won't happen whether it's because of contracts or a player decides to play back in Europe or something else that I can't predict. I just thought it would be fun to dream for a moment.


Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson  Chris Minard           Jordan Eberle
Linus Omark                   Teemu Hartikainen        Toni Rajala
Liam Reddox                  Chris Vande Velde       Philippe Cornet
Viacheslav Trukhno           Ryan O'Marra          Matt Marquardt

Forward Spares: Geoff Paukovich, Milan Kytnar, Colin MacDonald

Smokin' Ray Says: I don't see Eberle or MPS being on this team. If anything, Eberle makes the Oilers and MPS plays one more year in the SEL as he still has no contract. I also noticed that the Oilers are weak in the Right Wing position even with the prospects. If I was the Oilers, I would be drafting RW players at this years draft as much as possible. I am also not 100% clear if Rajala can play in the AHL next season or not, but I do know he has to go back to Finland for some military obligations at some point in his life. I need to check into that further. If say if 4 or more players that I have listed don't play in OKC next season, then the Oilers/Barons need to find some guys to fills some shoes. As is, this is a good forward group. Lose those players I mentioned, and it doesn't look that good. But you never know, maybe the Oilers send down some guys like Robert Nilsson or JF Jacques and it helps the team out?


Theo Peckham Taylor Chorney
Jeff Petry Johan Motin
Dean Arsene  Alex Plante

Defence Spares: Matt Nickerson, Jordan Bendfeld

Smokin' Ray Says: I like this defence group for the Barons. However, I don't think that Chorney will be here. I'm going to guess that the Oilers will keep him with the big club even though I don't think he's ready for the NHL. Peckham is also a strong possibility to be with the Oilers as well. But, add an experienced AHL defenceman and this group still looks good.


Jeff Deslauriers or Devan Dubnyk (I don't think either will be in OKC)
Bryan Pitton

Smokin' Ray Says: I really don't believe that JDD or Dubnyk clear waivers. Nor do I think that Tambellini will take that chance. So unless the Barons snag a better veteran goalie, they are stuck with Pitton. The goaltending needs some serious attention.

-Written by Smokin' Ray of Oilers Jambalaya-

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