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Friday, May 21, 2010

Oklahoma City!

Hey all! Been a while, I've been busy. But let me say how happy I am to see the Oilers affiliation go to OKC. I think Kevin Lowe and Steve Tambellini did a very good job in the moving process.

I am also impressed with the logo, colors, and jerseys. I think OKC is going to be a great place for our younger guys to grow. I really hope this franchise sticks unlike the last few AHL franchises the Oilers have created, (ahem, Roadrunners...)

Let me say though, it would have been nice for the team to be called the Oil Barons, but that's just my opinion. You guys give us your opinions on the move and the new AHL team.

I won't give you my assessment on the season because we all know how it was, and it's a little late now. But we should all be looking forward to the draft and the next season in Oil Country, because it should be a young, exciting one.

More off-season blogs to come!

-Nick "Oilers Fan" Walker-

p.s. Hall or Seguin? Give me your opinions. I'm on team Hall.


  1. I was Seguin. But now I'm Hall. He's just so damn good.

    Nice to see you back Nick!


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