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Monday, May 3, 2010

Prodigal Hockey Adds Another Name To The Mix For The New Oklahoma City AHL Team

Word has come to, that another domain name has been found as a potential name for Oklahoma City's AHL team. Oklahoma City Thunderbirds is the next in a line of domains that have been registered by Prodigal Hockey. According to the Who Is database information on, it has the same information as the other domains.  This name was a candidate for the unnamed Oklahoma City NBA team. As well as the Barons and Bison, being potential names for the NBA team. And from what sources have to told, that the list has been narrowed down to a couple of candidates. But no final decision has been made by Prodigal Hockey at the time of this post.


Smokin' Ray Says: Great detecive work by Scott from I'm hoping that Prodigal Hockey hurries up and settles on a name. I have my money set on Oil Barons.

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