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Monday, May 17, 2010

Quinn to stay??

When the Oilers season ended, I assumed Pat Quinn would not return next year as the head coach. Why? First, Tambellini would not confirm whether Quinn would return and was quite vague about if he even wanted him to return. Second, Quinn seemed disinterested in returning. They were going to wait a month before they talked about next season. Third, the game appeared to have past by Quinn. He didn't match lines, there wasn't a system, his line combinations were odd and he used the blender more often than MacT ever did which is saying a lot.

Tambellini has publicly stated that he wants Pat Quinn to return next year. So if Pat wants to be the head coach, it appears it's his job. I figured Tambellini would hand the reins to Renney so I'm quite surprised. If he really wanted Quinn, he should have said so immediately after the season ended. I think he intended to cut him loose but for some reason, he has changed his mind.

All in all, I'd be happy to see Quinn head off into the sunset. The team was a disaster last year. Sure, the flu epidemic and injury apocalypse didn't help but Quinn never seemed to get a handle on the team. I wasn't sure what system they were playing. The team and coach frustrated each other and no one appeared to be on the same page. Sure, he's done some decent coaching in the past. He is a good coach. Great? No. Has the game passed him by? Maybe. Probably. But it appears Quinn will be here next year, unless HE walks away.

Update: Check out this article at Oilers Nation. It makes me even more certain that Quinn should not return. But we may be stuck with him for another year.

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