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Friday, May 21, 2010

Rough Draft Roster

Yesterday I mentioned that one of the big questions during the chat with Bob Funk and Kevin Lowe, was about who would be playing in Oklahoma City next season.

Teemu Hartikainen is one player that could be starting in here. But if you look up Oklahoma City Barons on Wikipedia gives you an idea of who could be playing here.

The bloggers from Lowtide break down a roster on who could play, and who could get offered a contract from AHL free agency. If you were to compare the Wikipedia list and Lowtide's list. There are some notables names that aren't in Wikipedia's list. Like Chris Vande Velde, the Minnesota native just finished his college career at UND. Vande Velde and Eberle both spent time with the Falcons during the final games of the AHL regular season. There is alot of debate whether if Eberle will be in Edmonton or Oklahoma City at the start of next season. Eberle hasn't had much time off that past year, after playing in the World Jrs in Canada. Then playing with the Falcons, and now is playing in the World Championships.

Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson (a.k.a MPS) could be here, but he still doesn't have a contract with the Oilers. Steve Tambellini has been at the World Championships, watching all the Oilers prospects. And it's been rumored that he has a contract ready to offer to MPS.

Goaltending is another issue with the organization right now. Wikipedia has Devin Dubnyk listed on the roster, but if he gets assigned to Oklahoma City. He would have to clear waivers, before he could be assigned to OKC. Kevin Lowe did say in the chat the other night, that they are looking for an AHL veteran goalie. Someone who can handle taking most the games, between the pipes. Bryan Pitton spent most of the year back and forth between Stockton and Springfield. He has one year left on his entry level contract. And he needs to have a good season, to be offered a contract after the 2010-11 season.

Oklahoma City fans shouldn't get their hopes up too much about the #1 draft pick. Whether it's Hall or Seguin that gets drafted by the Oilers, either player will NOT be in Oklahoma City. The only that would be possible would be on a reconditioning stint. Some links which you could find out more about the Oilers prospects can be found here from And some good info on Hockey's Future here about all the NHL's prospects.


  1. Good post Scott. I have been working on possible lines for the OKC BArons. I'll get to posting it soon.

    Oh. And Hall/Seeguin can join the OKC Barons once their junior seasons are over. But if Hall is picked, he's on the Oilers team to start the year. No doubt about it.

  2. You guys are dojng a great job here. Glad I found this site.


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