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Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Silence Is Killing Me / The Edmonton Oilers RFA's

As this off season trickles by, one has to wonder what is up with the Oilers and the restricted free agents.

Has Sam Gagner's agent been talking to Tambellini? What about Gilbert Brule? Did he get an offer yet? What about Andrew Cogliano? Do the Oilers sign him before/if he gets traded? Do both Deslauriers and Dubnyk get a tendered offer? Is only one coming back? Are both coming back? Lot's of questions that need answering.

Like I said in the title, the silence is killing me.

I would hope that Gagner receives an offer before July 1st as I'm sure at least one other team will throw out an offer sheet for him. I like Gagner too much to lose him because the Oilers didn't try hard enough before it's too late. If another team offers $5 million +, the Oilers will be in tough to sign him to that deal. I should point out that Gagner isn't worth $5+, but another team will do what it takes to get him. He is a key cog for the Oilers moving forward.

Vanek, Kessler, Penner and Kessel all were over paid for this reason. Big offer sheets. Let's not have this happen to Gagner. $3.5 million over 5 years is fair and let's move on and get to signing some of the other young players.

I would also hope that they can sign both goalies. I personally would take the chance and send JDD down to OKC. It is possible that they could lose him on waivers, but if he clears, that provides one heck of a goalie for the OKC Barons.

I would keep Dubnyk with the Oilers and have him backup Khabibulin (and Khabibulin's replacement once he gets hurt.) So if I'm the GM and I'm going to try and send down JDD, he only gets a one year deal with no signing bonus (just in case).

I really hope that Marc Pouliot doesn't elect to go to arbitration. I just can't see him making a good enough case to get big dollars. He should just resign to whatever the Oilers offer. He needs to play well this year and make a strong case for himself next year.

-Written by Smokin' Ray-


  1. Hi, Ray.

    I think if JDD is sent down, he's a goner. Methinks the club's got a pretty good feeling about Dubnyk going forward.

    That being said, if he makes it to OKC, I think it'd be all good.


  2. A five year deal on Gagner would also allow him to walk as a free agent at the end.

    I'd prefer a three year deal and an opportunity to sign him long-term.

  3. Penner is way overpaid. Gagner for 5 is too much, should get a 2-3 year deal. Players like that get injured easily, never know how long they'll be effective.

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    @Chappy, I just don't see any team taking JDD or DD off of waivers and keeping them on their NHL team (other than the Oilers) for the entire season.

    @Paper Designer, Would/should we be surprised if Tamby signs Gagner to a 12 year deal right now? I know I wouldn't be surprised.

    @James Lemieux Penner is largely overpaid no matter how good he was last season. I see your point abut a 2-3 year deal for Gagner. I personally do not like the real long term contracts. You can't predict injuries like you said. Gagner does have bad hip and he's only 20.


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