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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

WOW! What A Day For The Fans Of The Oilers

Today -- which started out as boring and lame -- turned out to be really exciting for all the fans of Edmonton Oilers.

First it started out with a Bruins/Panthers trade which to me, means that the Oilers will be taking Taylor Hall. With acquiring Nathan Horton and parting ways with the #15 pick, any hope of getting that pick is out the window (that's what I was hoping for). Back to Hall. It's also quite clear now that the Bruins have picked up a good solid winger in Horton, they seem to be preparing for drafting a center. And that's not Taylor Hall. Maybe I am wrong here, but I get the feeling the Oilers will take Hall.

Then I'm told that Steve Tambellini is going to have a press conference at noon. I figured I'd look around to see what it's about and I came across an article by the Edmonton Journal that was saying basically that Tambo was just going to talk about heading to the draft today and what the Oilers have planned for the future. So like a moron I'm telling people it's no big deal. No huge news today.

BAM! Pat Quinn has stepped down as head coach of the Oilers and Tom Renney is now the coach of the Oilers. So much for no news.

My mind has been blown.

I really didn't mind Pat Quinn as coach and I figured he'd be back next season. Quinn just had some really bad things happen to this team this year and I didn't really blame him for the failure. I did however blame him for a few other things he did but I won't get into it again. Thanks for your great quotes Pat. I'm going to miss you.

Listening to Pat Quinn ( ) talk about the situation he made it clear that he was not happy about not returning as coach next season. He went on to say that he was looking forward to coaching two 19 year olds that he has coached before. Who's that you ask? Well one guy is Jordan Eberle. The other? My money is on Taylor Hall. There is no other kid in the Oilers system that Quinn has coached before other than those two. So if it's NOT Hall, who is it?

The next big shocker for me was opening the mail today. Our friend Scott from sent me a puck from the OKC Barons name reveal. How cool is that?

Thanks Scott for this, it's going to be great to add to the collection. Is this the first Barons merchandise in Alberta? Maybe... but I doubt it.

Here is a audio link for the new Oil Change documentary preview if you still need something more to do.

What a day...

-Written by Smokin' Ray-


  1. I'm quite glad Quinn has been shuffled out. He just didn't have it, from playing no noticeable system to not line matching, etc. This was necessary.

    I personally do not think Quinn is in the loop with regards to the first overall pick. He misspoke. Sure the Oil will probably take Hall, but I really don't think Quinn knows.

  2. You may be right Scarlett. Quinn probably doesn't know who the Oilers are going to pick. But it was just funny how he said it. David Staples also caught that comment as well.


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