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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Can the Barons make it to the postseason?

With the Barons' roster not being complete, it hasn't stopped new head coach Todd Nelson having confidence in the new Organization. In the most recent "The Pipeline" article Barons' intern Chris Wescott had a Q &A with Coach Nelson. And reading through the article you get the feeling that Nelson is ready to hit the ground running. But what can Nelson do right now with only 2 players that will be playing in Oklahoma City next season? Nelson was brought in too late in the game to have any input on who is going to play here. But it hasn't stopped him from not having the utmost confidence in the Oilers' choice for players for OKC. Also in the article he stats that:
"My expectations are to have a very competitive team and vie for the Calder Cup. And it's one thing that every team in the American League has for expectations. But, with the people we've signed as free agents and also the young talent through the draft process, I think that it's a pretty believable thing."
His statement to Wescott speaks volumes on how hard Nelson wants to get a winning tradition back to Oklahoma City. Can the Barons' repeat what the Stars did last season, by making it to the Calder Cup Finals? It's a lofty goal to get to the finals in year one, but just making it to the post season should be the Barons' goal for this first season. And only time will tell on how successful Nelson will be with the Barons' in the first season.

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