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Monday, July 5, 2010

Will he stay?

It's been a few days since Edmonton signed Giroux to a one way contract for next season. Giroux still has to show off his talent to earn a spot with the Oilers. But what happens if he doesn't get one of open spots? Will Giroux accept a veteran spot in Oklahoma City, or will he bolt for the KHL? Giroux has been a back to back champion with the Bears. He has the numbers to back up his AHL game, but was really never given a shot with the Caps. But will his success in Hershey be able to translate into success for Edmonton?  There are just too many questions about this signing, that need to be answered. If Giroux wants to be a team player in the Oilers organization. He might want to be open to the idea of playing at least part of next season in Oklahoma City.

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