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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

OKC Barons and the Preseason?

Earlier today the San Antonio Rampage and the Houston Aeros both announced their preseason schedule. Besides announcing that they'll be playing each other once, the Rampage announced that they'll be playing the Texas Stars twice while the Aeros will play the Stars once, giving the Stars three preseason dates. After going through the preseason schedule announcements so far of the rest of AHL, the average amount of games teams have announced is 2 or 3. The Hartford Wolf Pack took the extreme of 5 games, including going with a 3 games in 3 nights stretch.

So where does that leave the Barons? The Rampage and Stars have their 3 games. I'm going to doubt that Houston's going to take a third game if they didn't include it with their earlier announcement. Peoria, Rockford, and Chicago have yet to announce their preseason schedules, but would they want to travel the 11+ hour drive here for a preseason game? Or will the Barons take a road trip to play in Illinois and leave the OKC fans high and dry? Unless the Stars are going to take on a 4th(maybe 5th?) game, or the Barons and one of the Illinois teams decide to do a home and home, I'm having some serious doubts of seeing a home preseason game this year.

-Written by Eric Rodgers-

Update: The Texas Stars announced that they will be playing the Barons on Oct 2nd in Cedar Park, taking place of one of their games with the Rampage. The Rampage's release now shows them playing only 2 games, one against the Stars and the other against the Aeros.

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