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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Slow Days in the Oilogosphere / Jeff Deslauriers / Stockton Thunder Affiliation

With the Oilers news at an almost standstill, the good folks of the Oilogosphere are running out of things to write about, myself included. It's not an easy gig right now, but we keep plugging away.

Here's what's happened lately.

Yesterday the Edmonton Oilers came to terms with restricted free agent, Jeff Deslauriers. He signs a 1 year, $1.05 million dollar contract and I think it's a great deal for both. I don't expect JDD to be an Oiler by next season so a 1 year deal is good enough for now. And at the $1.05 price, that's not bad either. As a comparable, Devan Dubnyk was just signed to a 2 year $800,000 contract not long ago.

Tomorrow starting at 12:00 noon MDT, the Edmonton Oilers and the San Jose Sharks are holding a press conference together to announce a joint agreement with both teams using the Stockton Thunder as their respective ECHL affiliate. We will see what we can do... maybe a LIVE TweetCast???

On a side note, this new twitter account started following us two days ago and it looks like it is going to be a good one to follow. It is publishing 20 Oilers blogs on it's feed, including Oilers Jambalaya. Follow @Oilogosphere.

For all the OKC Barons fans out there, Jen Sharpe from the has written a good Barons report about the team and what's on the go right now. Go here to read it.

As the boring days of summer continues... we will be here.

-Written by Smokin' Ray-

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