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Monday, August 2, 2010

Steve Tambellini To-Do List / A Summer Update

Here at we have been following the Tamby To-Do-List. With nothing else to do this summer, we thought it would be fun to keep track of what is going on. As news happens, we will update this list.

1- Draft First Overall (T. Hall)
2- Buyout/Trade Deadweight
3- Hire GM for OKC Barons
4- Hire Coach for OKC Barons
5- Hire Training Staff for Oilers
6- Hire Asst. Coaches for Oilers
7- Sign or trade for Center (3rd or 1st line)
8- Trade or Sign for 2 Defencemen
9- Sign Own RFA's and not UFA's (Gagner and Cogliano need to be signed still)
10- Decide on Goaltenders. Who plays in OKC?  (JDD & DD)
11- Figure out what Pat Quinn will do (Asst. GM of OKC Barons?)
12- Make Fans Happy (Good luck with that one!)


-Written by Smokin' Ray-


  1. On #10, I just don't see JDD or Dubnyk in OKC this year, no matter how much we will it to happen. lol Tambellini should stop dragging his ass though and sign someone. But I think to pay a guy $1.05M (JDD) or $800k (Dubnyk) to play in the AHL.. yikes.. that's something that even Katz can't possibly be committed to doing. I think that goaltending decision is huge though to the success of OKC.

    As far as Quinn as Assistant GM in OKC, there's no way he would take on GM, nevermind assistant GM there. Too much pride. I think at this point he'll be doing whatever Lowe is doing right now - playing Donkey Kong in his office and trying to figure out how to make darts out of office supplies.

    As far as the center, Rishaug and others have been mentioning the Oilers have been sniffing around... names that popped up somewhat recently were Belanger and Madden. Either would be good, if they'd come here, but I'd like to see someone with size (anyone out there still??).

  2. @Racki Yeah your right about the goalies. If it does happen, I see it being JDD going to OKC.

    Quinn as assistant GM is possible I think. It's really just a title and another pay cheque. If I'm not mistaken, either Brownlee or Gregor said Quinn would consult the Barons this year. I maybe be wrong on who said it, but that info was legit. So an assistant GM tag would only be a technicality IMO. Really though... what does a GM do anyways when the parent club does everything for you.

    Centers; I heard that too and Madden would be bad ass. I hope that happens but would rather see a top 2 center signed so Horcoff can go back to the 3rd line where he is good.

  3. Also, thanks for the comments Racki. Apperciate it.


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