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Monday, September 20, 2010

Hold The Phone! You Want This Guy?

With all the excitement surrounding Mike Commodore all over the Oilogosphere the last few days, I ask you this. Do you really want this guy? (see below)

Signed A Large Contract Did We?

While in the one hand, we finally get to get rid of Sheldon Souray. The other hand, is holding this guy*.

No thanks.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A Bear
In my opinion, Souray is still a good capable hockey player. Regardless of what has happened with the Oilers (past and present), he's worth more than that guy is right now. Commodore just isn't that good.

Souray will be paid $4.5 million this year with another season after this one on the books. Commodore is a (an average) $3.53 million a year, for a year longer than Souray. So is this really a salary dump? Not really, considering your on the hook one more year longer than if you just kept Souray and made him play.

Paying out Souray on the books for the next 2 years is $9 million. Having Commodore for 3 years will cost the Oilers $10,650,000 over that span. So if you want to get technical, it is a dump so to speak. But like I said, an extra year of having a marginal player on the blue line isn't helping the cause. At all.

I say, stay away from this guy and wait till a good (OK, a better) trade comes along. He's weird (look at the pictures) and he's not worth the cash (also look at the pictures).

Although... if I had only two choices, I'd gladly take Commodore over this bum below. He's worth $1 million, and is getting paid $6. Ouch! STAY AWAY TAMBELLINI!

$6 Million Dollar Man
*EDIT: I had written douche, but to be fair I don't know him personally so I changed it to the word guy.

 -Written by Smokin' Ray-


  1. Can't a guy win his Superbowl pool, roll around in cash and get it posted on facebook without looking bad in the process? He can't? Oh, OK.

  2. Mike's a great (Fort Sask) guy. Dollars aside, he'd be a nice fit... a Matt Greene type, if you will. As a hockey trade, I'd take Souray, but given the Oil's current predicament, I say its a no-brainer to take Commie. The extra year? If need be, they can bury him or waive him or buy him out before then... whatever. Fact is, he'd become a fan-fave rather quickly... or not, Oil fan seems pretty set in bashing overpaid guys because they're overpaid (not because they're actually bad).

  3. But think of the ca$h they could get for wigs in OKC!!!

  4. I'd do Souray for Commodore, for sure. Souray has negative value and it'll just get worse with him not playing. I'd just like the team to move on from that distraction, myself.

    Commodore isn't too bad, and a player of his ilk is what we need on the blue line to balance things out. That said, it kind of creates a bit of a traffic jam for that tough-guy blueliner spot between him, Peckham and Vandermeer.

  5. Good points fellas.

    I still don't think he's a good fit for the Oilers, dollars aside.

    While I'm sure off the ice, Mike is a good guy. The Oilers need a #3/4 defender and I don't believe Mike fits that. I see Mike as more of a #5 guy.

    His best point season was GP82 G7 A22 P29 PM113 in 2006/07. While that's not bad, it doesn't replace the points that are leaving (Souray).

    On a side note, 3 teams in 5 years also doesn't scream keeper. Is he a distraction on a team? Distraction for a distraction? If so, what's the point?

    There IS a better deaal out there. I think. ;)

  6. To be honest, Ray, I like this one. We won't get equal talent value for Souray because of his contract & baggage - don't forget, we tried to trade him for ... nothing! No takers.

    So the message from the league - we have to take a bad contract back. We won't get a stud on a bad contract ('cause then it's not a bad contract, see?). Best we can hope for is a serviceable player on a bad contract without terminal personality issues.

    Commodore is a solid D, not as good as the Hejda year, not as bad as last year. Split the difference & call him a #4/5. About as good as we'd get for Souray, who was a marginal #3/4 on a horrible team last year.

    Souray is not playing for the Oil this year, so we end up a mid-pack guy to the good - which allows us to trade a mid-pack D if we want.

    Money wise (and this one becomes all about money), cap if we keep either is about the same - $10.8M for Souray, 11.25 for Mike over an extra year. If we buy the player out at the end of the first year, Souray costs us 9.3 in total, Mike a little under 9M.

    Commodore is also exactly the kind of guy playoff teams come looking for at the deadline. Solid, experienced, good in the room, got a ring, and will fit in most teams cap envelope (under $800K at that point).

    Bottom line - he gives us a player now (which Souray doesn't), would be easier to unload and cheaper to buy out. What's not to like?

  7. Damn it Fish Oil! You make sense. I can't argue with that at all. You made some very good points. A lot I agree with.

    Is my mind going to change about Commodore? No. I still don't like that trade idea. I do believe there is a better, more suitable player out there for the Oilers. Tamby needs to be patient.

    But because of what you wrote, I can swallow that pill (trading for Commodore) better now.


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