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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Souray to Oklahoma City? What the.....?

Today Oilers GM Steve Tambellini went on Inside Sports with Dan Tencer to talk about many of things, one was what does Steve Tambellini plan to do with Sheldon Souray after he clears waivers? Tambellini hinted that minors could be an option as he continues to wait for a trade that will send Souray else where in the league. Does this mean that he will be assigned to Oklahoma City? Tambellini said "We want to see if we can make a trade happen. If not, we'll have to assign him to the minors." There is no specific mention of Oklahoma City, but one would imagine that the organization doesn't want Souray taking playing time from their young prospects such as, Jeff Petry, Alex Plante, Taylor Chorney, Theo Peckham and Johan Motin. Not to mention that players like Petiot, Belle will probably still be sent to the minors.

Where does this leave the Oilers? Do they do what Washington recently did and "loan" Souray to another American Hockey League team to get the playing time needed to facilitate a trade? Or do they assign Souray to Oklahoma, tell him not to report and just pay him for this season and facilitate a buyout next off season? Souray of course could be assigned to Oklahoma, choose to not report and forfeit $9 million? Only time will tell what becomes of the man that once said he would not pull a Pronger and demand a trade.

-Written by Brandon-


  1. "Sheldon Oilers fan for Life!!!" I think you play him 10 Min a night and make him ride the bus in OK It will make a good brand of hockey. Maybe he will like it there.

  2. That depends though, like I pointed out, is it really worth it to take development time from prospects? I would say if we're throwing him in the minors, let's send him to Abbotsford to screw with the Flames "rookies"


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