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Monday, September 13, 2010

Taylor Hall Twitter Account / Now You See It, Now You Don't

Late last night Dan Tencer tweeted that Taylor Hall had a twitter account. WOOT!

He said that Taylor's account was @TaylorHall_91.

However, by this morning, it was deleted. BOOOO!

Dan did say he was told by a reputable source that that was indeed Taylor's account and I believe him. I had followed and retweeted his tweet and was really excited to be able to see more from Taylor.

Twas not to be...

So did he get tired of his phone beeping last night from added followers and shut it down? Doubt it.

Did the Oilers shut him down? We all know how the Oilers feel about Twitter and the Bloggers. Hall with a twitter account would have given us too much access to the golden kid. So this seems likely to me.

So many questions and so little answers (yet). But as you know, won't rest till we find out. Or until tomorrow's game and we forget about this all together.

It's too bad. Here I thought the Oilers were turning a page and were finally going to embrace the fans by allowing a player to have a Twitter account. Wouldn't that be refreshing?

-Written by Smokin' Ray-


  1. Given their position on non-traditional media, I'm a little surprised the Oilers haven't put pressure on CHED to shut down Tencer's twitter account.

  2. I would hope that the Oilers didn't shut Hall down on this one. As long as he uses his head before he posts it really shouldn't be a problem. The Oilers need to stop being scared of the internet, it ain't going away.

    @The Menacer - If Tencer ever deviated from the Oilers official party line I'm sure his Twitter account would be shut down immediately.

  3. Hemsky has a twitter account, though he hardly uses it.

  4. Maybe Taylor saw what happend to Dan Ellis.

  5. Always stirring the pot, you Jambalayans!

  6. OK. Taylor said in the paper that he was afraid that he would lose his phone and someone could easily tweet on it.

    True, but is that the real reason?

    This has Oilers stink all over it.


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