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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Taylor Hall Will Wear #4 For The Edmonton Oilers

Taylor Hall Will Wear #4 For The Edmonton Oilers!!!

Yours truly has been bitching and griping about why the Oilers, more importantly Kevin Lowe, haven't given Taylor Hall the elusive #4.

Well, it's happening. Unless someone is messing with my mind.

Expect a press conference tomorrow (?) as the Oilers (Lowe) present Hall with the #4 blue and orange jersey.

ON A SIDE NOTE: Our own Marsha (Scarlett) Boyd called the PC a couple of weeks ago. Atta girl Marsha!


  1. I dunno, in a way I like this and in another I don’t.
    I understand the synergy of Lowe giving Hall “his” #4.
    Lowe being the first ever Oiler pick, scoring the first goal etc there is a lot of Oiler history with that man.
    Regardless of what people may think and say of Lowe now there is no denying that he has a very special place in Oiler history
    and his jersey should be up in the rafters, without any doubt.
    And now we have Hall, our first ever #1 pick, a great talent to be sure but he is unproven in the NHL at this time. So does he deserve
    to take a local legends number and all that it means in the history of the oilers? I just don’t know but it does show the class and unselfishness
    of Lowe and his love of the team. He is demonstrating a team first attitude as president as he did when he played and I tip my Oilers hat to him.
    No one was more excited when we picked Hall, definitely the right pick in my mind I just hope he lives up to the class and love of team and city that the man
    before him that wore that #4.
    Now drop the puck already!


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