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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Things I Seen / Oilers vs Flames Young Stars Game / Oilers Win 5-3

The Big 3 did not play but yet, this game was intriguing to me. This was going to be a legitimate chance to watch the Oilers kids while not being distracted by watching Hall, Eberle or Paajarvi. This game was and did end up interesting.



*The Players Numbers Are In Brackets*

James Livingston (69) - Chris Vande Velde (54) - Curtis Hamilton (52)
Kristians Pelss(63) - Tyler Pitlick (68) - Drew Czerwonka (71)
Phillipe Cornet (51) - Ryan Martindale (66) - Mike Thomas (59)
Teemu Hartikainen (56) - Chase Schaber (74) - Cameron Abney (53)

Brandon Davidson (60) - Martin Marincin (70)
Dominik Schlumpf (72) - Alex Plante (48)
Jordan Bendfeld (55) - Nolan Toigo (73)

Tyler Bunz (1)


James Livingston took two penalties in the 1st period and they looked like marginal calls to me. He's a tough playing guy and he's fun to watch. I want to see more of this guy in the future. I think he may just become a pretty decent player down the road.

Tyler Bunz had a good 1st period with little action. The shots were 16-7 for the Oilers after one period. The Flames did manage to score twice on him in the beginning of the 2nd and snuck one by Bunz with mere seconds left in the period. But he played his BUNZ off in the 3rd and helped the Oilers hold off for the win. Great, almost Hasek like, game from Bunz. I really like this draft pick.

Chris Vande Velde was fantastic in the 2nd period. He scored a nice one but after that he just played a solid game. I expected more, but was satisfied by his play. He's going to be a good player for the Barons.

First fight was by Cameron Abney vs Breen. Great fight. Big bombs thrown. I like Abney. Still don't think I would have taken him with such a high draft pick, but he's a good addition to the Oilers system.

Second fight a few seconds later was with Bendfeld and he had a great fight with Grantham. More big bombs thrown. Bendfeld's a tough guy.

Brandon Davidson plays a very structured game. I quite liked him. He was a big surprise for me. I was hoping to find a guy that I would like that I wouldn't normally notice. Davidson's that guy. At one point in the 3rd, Davidson was nailed by Cameron and the kid never missed a beat. Love that!

Hartikainen had a good 1st period and a so-so 2nd period. By the 3rd he was not really noticeable at all. He was disappointing for me.

Chase Schaber -- the camp invite -- had a good game with limited minutes. He's not a bad player at all. Too bad the Oilers don't sign him for the OKC Barons.

Tyler Pitlick had another good game. This kid is someone who I want to see more of in a few years. I think he might mature into quite the player. I really like Pitlick.

Who is Nolan Toigo? Not to sure yet, but I like his style. He stuck out to me tonight. I want to see more.

-Written by Smokin' Ray-

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