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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Barons Game 3 Recap; A Baron Net

Why, oh why, are we not able to get the puck into the net? So many chances in these games that have gone an inch or two the wrong way. This was a much better game than last weekend. The Barons were making the Aeros fight for the puck, and their first goal was a lucky one that just managed to get by Gerber after a scrum in front of the net. The Barons goal by Colin McDonald was a nice deflection off of a Petiot shot that floated over Matt Hackett's shoulder into the net. After a scoreless third, the game into OT where with 17.4 seconds left on the clock, Casey Wellman got the puck past Gerber to end the game. Definitely a heartbreak for a team that pretty much outplayed the Aeros for the majority of the game.


-Another 1 goal game, this time in OT. They've extended it all they can, it's time for a win.
-Colin McDonald getting his first goal of the season.
-I got to go on the ice during first intermission.
-Omark showed us he's got some mad stickhandling skills. Now we just need to see his shooting skills.
-The ref let the guys play, but there were some blatant calls that he let go.
-The defense looked good last night. Belle's a machine out there.
-Sound system was a little better.
-Outshot the Aeros 41-31. Now we just need those shots to make it INTO the net.
-Getting to see Bonk again was nice. You could tell he wanted to do something, but he just never got the chance to.
-Reddox was constantly attacking the net. Twice, he had awesome opportunities to get a goal.


-A heartbreak of a way to lose the game. 17 mother loving seconds left.
-The PP! 0 for 18! WTF?
-Plante and Ondrus need to take some fighting lessons from Belle.
-Sound system still sucked.
-Derrick is here why? I thought a mascot was supposed to pump up the crowd, not walk around it for photo ops. Anyone else find it sacrilegious that he wears #99?
-The prize I got during the first intermission was pretty lame($25 gift card to a restaurant), but hey, free food is free food.
-The etiquette videos. My first time getting to see them and my head wanted to explode. If they were going to do that, they should have ponied up and gotten Larry Hagman to be in it. That way, regardless of how bad they were, it's freaking Larry Hagman.
-They supposed STH-only entrance. I hadn't read the press release before I got there. According to the release, STH's got to enter through that entrance 15 minutes prior to everyone else. What ended up happening, the ushers let everyone in that corner entrance into the arena 15 minutes prior. Oops

Hopefully the team continues to improve, I'm ready for a win. Watch for my preview of tonight's game a little later.

-Written by Eric Rodgers-

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