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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Double GAME DAY!!! OKC Barons vs Wolves and Oilers vs Panthers

Happy Thanksgiving (Turkey Day) Everyone!

Are we in luck today. First we can follow along with the OKC Barons vs the Chicago Wolves at 2:05pm MDT. There is no video footage (unless you pay), so feel free to follow along right here with the LIVE TweetCast. You can listen to the radio broadcast HERE.

Then at 6:08pm MDT we have the Edmonton Oilers vs Florida Panthers. This game is on Sportsnet Oilers. The listings are below.

Both games are the respective #2 games for both the Barons and the Oilers. Exciting day!


Television Provider                     SD HD

TELUS Optik TV                         107 678
BELL TV                                     437 1437
SHAW Cable                               320 301
SHAW Direct Classic                   412 451
SHAW Direct Advanced              107 395
Cable TV of Camrose                  116 246
Cable TV of Slave Lake               450 452

Florida Panthers (0-0-0) at Edmonton Oilers (1-0-0)

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