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Friday, October 22, 2010

Oilers Hockey With A Side Of Sex?

The Edmonton Oilers released this today;

Oilers Cheerleaders will:
  • Perform at Rexall Place during Oilers home games
  • Sign autographs and pose for pictures during the game
  • Entertain and lift the spirits of the Edmonton Oilers community
  • Travel locally, meeting fans and participating in many community events
  • Model in the 1st annual Edmonton Oilers Cheerleader calendar
  • Be pictured and have a bio on
  • Educate fans and potential fans about all the Oilers have to offer
What are the responsibilities and requirements of an Oilers Cheerleader?
  • Represent the Edmonton Oilers organization by actively supporting the values and goals of the club
  • Participate in community events and volunteer activities
  • Engage with fans through various media, corporate, community and charity events
  • Entertain fans during Oilers home games
Oilers Cheerleaders possess…
  • Maturity and responsibility
  • Dedication and a strong desire to support the team and the squad
  • A positive attitude and high energy level
  • A flexible schedule to accommodate taking part in most home games from November to April in addition to community appearances
  • Must be 18 years of age by Nov 15, 2010
  • Must be a high school graduate as of June 15, 2010
  • Cheer/Dance/Gymnastics experience is helpful, but not required
Are there height and weight requirements?

There are no height and weight requirements; however, we are looking for athletic girls in good physical condition. We recommend that all candidates maintain a regular exercise program.


Bruins Cheer Team

NYI Ice Girl
SMOKIN' RAY SAYS:  Wow! I'm stunned that they have resorted to this. Like everyone knows, sex does sell, but this is insane. Hockey is family thing. Unless I'm mistaken, I didn't think hockey was marketed just for the 18-34 male demographic. From what I understood, hockey was for male OR female from ages 2-99. Am I wrong?

These guys think I am.

After reading what the Oilers wrote on thier site (above) and hearing Pat LaForge on the radio, I'm even more shocked that they are pushing this as a community service. Seriously... a community service? Your kidding right? A calender of the girls? Must be fit? Sign autographs and take pictures with the fans? Become an Edmonton celebrity?

~No this isn't selling sex at hockey games at all.~

No mention at all if there will be half naked men on the cheer team. Why not? Would you still support this?

Pat LaForge had this to say in the Edmonton Sun about the cheer team, "They are not football cheerleaders with pompoms and things like that. They kind of orchestrate when to get up, dance and get excited."
Dallas Stars Ice Girls

~I had no idea that Oiler fans didn't know how to get excitied. When did this happen?~

LaForge also said, "I think fans will be intrigued. They will add spice to the evening."

How about some decent food and a lower price on beer to add spice to the evening? Start there. Fans deserve that.

I know that I will recieve a ton of backlash -- which I am already -- for speaking out about this, so be it. I don't care. I don't want sex at my hockey.... I want hockey. Pure hockey.
LA Kings Ice Girl

Don't argree with me? Can I guess that your a male, 25 and under, and you have no kids? Tell me if your not. I'm curious to know.

ON A SIDE NOTE: I took my 2 year old daughter to a Red Deer Rebels game a month and a half ago. Since that time, every single day, "Hey Dad. Remember that buffalo at the hockey game?". She doesn't stop talking about the buffalo mascot. So don't tell me little kids don't know what's going on around them. Hey! Why not get a mascot instead?
What are your thoughts on the cheer team? It's pretty clear on how I feel.

Not related to this website, this article, or me, someone has started a petition to stop this. Not surprised.


Here is the first performance for the new Oilers Cheer squad. They are called the Edmonton Octane.  Here is their website.

Picture from

-Written by Smokin' Ray-


  1. It's nice to see a man use his brain and realize what an idiotic move this is. Women and girls attend games too, we don't want to see a parade of hoochies around the arena. Yeah I don't need to be told when to clap or not. I always liked that hockey in Canada was not like that, not pandering to the lowest level like what happens in the US with the trashy ice girls, and I could enjoy a hockey game in peace. Very disappointed with the Oilers.

  2. Thank you!

    A long time Oiler fan who has choked down a lot. Today I hate the organization, there's no other way to express it. I'm ashamed to be
    an Oiler fan... if I still am. 15 years. Today I might be done.

  3. Hey, check out the online petition against the cheer team, it's really starting to gain momentum!

    Great blog guys :)

  4. Huh, you seem to have shut up the young men.

  5. Pasty looking squad, but I guess the Oilers never heard of employment equity.

  6. There are sports in which cheerleaders work well. Cheerleading and Dance Teams are very talented and quite athletic in the NCAA. It has transferred well to the NBA and NFL. However, the dancers for the NHL teams are on the lowest talent levels (not making the other sports squads.) And, no, they do not work well for the game of hockey. Get them out of the NHL!!! By the looks of the Oilers dancers, wow. I know they can do better than that in Edmonton.


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