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Monday, October 4, 2010

The Oilers Jambalaya Predictions (Smokin' Ray Picks)

Here are my BOLD picks for this season. I'm hoping I'm close this year. *fingers crossed*


1. San Jose Sharks
2. Chicago Blackhawks
3. Vancouver Canucks
4. Detroit Red Wings
5. Anaheim Ducks
6. LA Kings
7. Dallas Stars
8. Colorado Avalanche
9. Phoenix Coyotes*
10. Edmonton Oilers
11. Calgary Flames
12. St. Louis Blues
13. Nashville Predators
14. Columbus Blue Jackets*
15. Minnesota Wild


1. Washington Capitals
2. Boston Bruins
3. Philadelphia Flyers
4. Pittsburgh Penguins
5. Buffalo Sabres*
6. New Jersey Devils
7. Montreal Canadiens
8. Atlanta Thrashers
9. New York Rangers
10. Florida Panthers
11. Carolina Hurricanes*
12. Toronto Maple Leafs
13. Tampa Bay Lightning
14. Ottawa Senators
15. New York Islanders


Washington vs San Jose Sharks

*Switched after original post. Posted in error.

-Written by Smokin' Ray-


  1. Phoenix 14th? REALLY? And there's no way Toronto is finishing ahead of Ontario.

  2. The Jets, sorry... I mean "Coyotes" won't finish as low as that.

    I don't think the Oilers will finish as high as that either. I think 11-14 in the West.

    And @Anonymous, You mean Ottawa, not Ontario.


  3. Oy! I'm a dumbass. Coyotes and Blue Jackets were supposed to be switched and Sabres and Hurricanes were supposed to be switched before I posted. *forgot*

    Should I change it or hope for injuries to the Yotes and Sabres?

  4. These predictions are basically what I had, though I didn't have Atlanta in the playoffs, for some reason the beer got the best of me and I had T.O. there(idiot)and I had the Oilers in 12th and Calgary 9th.


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