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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

OKC Barons Defeat Monsters 3-0 / Recap With Video Highlights

I missed listening to the first half of the Barons game last night, but I stayed in the action by following along to the LIVE TweetCast.

The Barons won their third straight game of the season and also notched the first ever shutout in the teams short, but exciting history.

- The three goals came from Shawn Belle, Alex Giroux and Liam Reddox.

- Petiot, Petry, Belle, Moran and O'Marra each had one assist.

- Alex Plante duked it out with Curtis Fraser

- Omark was roughed up, so Ryan O'Marra dropped the gloves with David Liffiton. Good to see the team is starting to stick up for each other.

- Martin Gerber was in net and was outstanding. He made some huge saves on his way to the Barons first shutout. He was also the games First Star.

- Alex Giroux was the games Second Star and was great. He took 5 shots on net.

- Shawn Belle was the Third Star.

- Liam Reddox played a great game and had 6 shots. He's proving he has lots to offer, even if he is small.

- 2784 fans were at the game last night. The Barons had $1 beers on special at the game, so I'm a little surprised the arena was so empty.

- This was the first game in OKC where they had the two referee system.


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