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Sunday, October 24, 2010

OKC Barons Win In Overtime 3-2 / A Game Recap With Video Highlights



The Barons defeated the Bulldogs and it wasn't easy. The Barons once again had a terrible first period and they had to rally from there. Alex Giroux scores the overtime winner.


- Shawn Belle can play the game well. His skating and vision is great. He does need to work on his penalty troubles. When he does take a penalty, it's usually not a good one. He had 2 assists and was +2.

- Liam Reddox didn't shoot the puck as much as he has been, but he did have some great chances. He works hard out there and he's making it clear that if the Oilers call up a forward, it's him they choose. He had 4 shots.

- Alex Giroux scored the overtime winner. He had a number of chances today and finally scored. He was +2 and had 4 shots. If this Barons team wants to win, he's going to need to step up and be a top guy.

- Martin Gerber was the first star today. He didn't have to make any huge stops until the midway point of the game. Although the Bulldogs first goal was one he should have stopped. He faced 31 shots in this game.

- Colin McDonald had a good game. He was hit from behind and smacked his head on the glass. Lucky he wasn't hurt. He scored the Barons second goal and finished +1 with 3 shots on goal.

- Jeff Petry was much better this game. He had a goal and an assist with 3 shots. He works well with Belle and they are a force out there. He was also +2 at the end of the game.

- Brad Moran had a quiet first half. He took 3 shots and assisted on the Giroux game winner. He's been on of the better Barons so far this year.

- Linus Omark did squat. Sure he's fancy, but he didn't look like a player who had something to prove. He had 2 shots on goal.

- Alex Plante did what any good teammate would do. When McDonald was nailed into the glass, Plante dropped the gloves and stuck up for his teammate. Good tilt. He was punched pretty good at the start, but managed to get his own in near the end.

- Johan Motin was the only Baron to be -1 at games end.

Petry from Belle and Cornet
McDonald from Belle and Petry
Giroux from Moran


-Written by Smokin' Ray-

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