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Friday, October 1, 2010

Stockton Thunder, Why?

I wanted to introduce myself to the Oilers Jambalaya readers so they could get a feel of where I'm coming from when I write about the Stockton Thunder. I still feel like a "newbie" fan. I got hooked on hockey a few years ago after watching Dallas Stars goalie Marty Turco in net on television (during a free preview of Center Ice) and have been obsessed with the sport, and goalies, ever since. And because of my obsession, my boyfriend and some friends eventually took me to the Stockton Arena to see my first live hockey game.

If I remember correctly, the Idaho Steelheads were in town to play the Stockton Thunder. My friends and I sat in the upper level seats, right behind the goal where the Thunder shoots twice. The speed of the skaters, bodies smashing against glass, puck ricocheting around the rink, and the applause from the crowd was and still is intoxicating.

I attended a few more games after that and eventually became a season ticketholder. I've been a season ticketholder for three years and have been lucky to see some amazing talent on the ice. NHL and AHL games are exciting to watch live, but there's something different about ECHL games that I absolutely love.

It's hard to pinpoint exactly what that is. These minor league teams are operating on tight budgets. There are players from all walks of life-fresh out of college, veterans that were drafted by an NHL team but never got to play in the big show, guys that were sent down from an AHL team for more training/experience, etc. These guys aren't making big bucks in the ECHL, but they play grittier and they play hard and for the love of the game-only a small percentage of people make it into the NHL and these guys are aware of that.

What I find really special about the Stockton Thunder is that despite the economy and the newness of the sport in this region (even with the San Jose Sharks nearby), this team gets a large, rowdy crowd night after night. Players love it here, and I hear great compliments about the arena and city from even the opponents' fans.

I hope I can do the Thunder some justice by being able to share information with the readers. Check back soon for more about Coach Thomas' new (and evolving) 2010-2011 Stockton Thunder.

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  1. I'm a huge hockey fan and it's great to have somebody writing about the Thunder who enjoys cheering them on as much as I do. Here's to another exciting season and I'll be waiting for your next entry...

  2. Great to read your first post!!! ...You are one of the loudest and Rowdiest fans around...Love Ya!!

  3. Thanks for coming here Lyndall. I'm happy you said yes. I can't wait to read your articles. The Stockton Thunder are going to have another great season and your very lucky to watch it all happen. GO THUNDER!!!


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