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Friday, November 12, 2010

Excuse Me, Oilers? The Barons Are Calling

Painfully evident, is the Oilers losing streak. One has to wonder why the team hasn't raided the Barons yet, considering the success that they have had so far this season. In a radio interview, Kevin Lowe mentioned that they're pleased with the Barons success and would like to let it continue by letting the guys play together and gel. While I'm very happy with that, I don't quite understand. The Oilers are 14 games into their season with a 4-8-2 record. One thing that has been brought up is that the Oilers are "tanking" this season to better their odds at the number one pick for the 2011 draft. While it is a viable opinion, you have to wonder if they should be subjecting players like Eberle and Paajarvi to that. I agree that they need to learn to play in the NHL, but do you want them to suffer through that?

Edmonton fans have been calling for some call-ups, but who do you send down? Paajarvi and Hall are struggling to begin the season with 6 points in their 14 games. Hall, they're unable to send down due to the CHL/NHL agreement, but it may be a good thing to send Paajarvi down to gain some confidence. With the Barons winning as they are, it would be very easy for that to happen. Eberle has been doing quite well for himself with 9 points in his 14 games. I'd say Paajarvi is the one that gets sent down out of everybody.

Now, who do you call up? The Barons are 9-6-1, with the AHL's 2nd-best PK. The Oilers are dead last in the NHL on the PK. Someone like Belle would be good to help bolster the PK crew and would also help the NHL's worst defense that is giving up 3.7 goal per game. Maybe the Oilers want some scoring? The battle there is between Reddox and Omark. In my eyes, Reddox has the slight edge. While Omark is winning in the points battle, Reddox has been more consistent. And when you bring up that the Oilers have the worst defense, Reddox is one that can help out on that. Omark is very weak in the defensive side of the game and wouldn't be filling too much of a role that the Oilers need right now.

While I'm glad to have had the Barons team together for so long, I know it's not going to last. I just hope that when the Oilers decide to make some changes, I don't look at the transaction wire and see Edmonton and Oklahoma City listed every 3 entries. If they want to keep the Barons right while helping out the big club, they need to be smart about their decision and not call up someone every other day to try and see if they work. That can lead to way too much uncertainty and lose valuable playing time that the players could have had with either team.

-Written by Eric Rodgers-

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  1. Let see.... Hall been struggling, basically not a surprise, its a learning period. Of the newcomers I would say it is Eberle which is second in struggling, even if the mgmnt team has been paving the path here as well, playing more PP than Paajarvi. Still he is as good as any other dysfunctional winger.... Paajarvi had to take what was offered to him, and done it quite well, at least the most mature of the newcomers. Eberle and Paajarvi are -1, Eberle got more points (more PP as well)... A balanced view would be to bring up Omark and Reddox and rest Hall in between games, send down Brulee or Cogs... If only measuring on performance solely, this would be an easy choice, rest Hall...


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