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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Oilers Add Some Meat In Jacques and Belle

The Edmonton Oilers have recalled JF Jacques and Shawn Belle from the Oklahoma City Barons.

Jacques, we all knew was going to happen (conditioning stint).

I guess for the most part, we did as well with Belle. I have been pumping his tires for weeks. Out of all the defencemen in OKC, Belle was the standout. Big, mean and can make a nice pass. Shawn Belle leads all AHL defensemen in assists (13) and points (15). All in the last 17 games.

Let's hope these guys can help this team be better. *fingers crossed*

ON A SIDE NOTE: Peckham is skating today so I don't see another defenceman being recalled at this time. The debate over Plante or Petry will continue.

IMO, the ranking of the Barons defence is as follows; Belle, Petry, Plante, Petiot, Chorney & Motin. I have talked to a few of the Barons insiders, and they say I'm not wrong with the ranking.

-Written by Smokin' Ray-


  1. I think if JFJ can finally stay healthy and last more than 20 games that he could be a difference maker in this team. However I do think it will take around 20 games for that to happen he has a history of putting up points but his injuries have really slowed him down. Lets all cross our fingers and hope that he gets some luck in his corner.

  2. How about Petiot? I heard he's injured but where does he fit with your ranking?

  3. @Anonymous Petiot hasn't been great since going to OKC. He's not the same guy we seen in training camp. But no saying he could get called up in a month or so depending on how well he plays when he's 100% (and if an injury occurs in Edm). He's a good defenceman, he just needs to find the groove.

    @Dman09 Your right. 20 games is fair. I am also concerned about Jacques. I hope he can stay healthy.


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