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Monday, November 8, 2010

Oilers Beat The Champs! (Again) 2-1 / A Game Recap


Welcome to another fine Edmonton Oilers Beers & Jeers Game Recap.














The Cult of Hockey Grading System:
10 perfect game,  9 extraordinary,  8 great,  7 good,  6 above average,
5 average,  4 below average,  3 poor,  2 terrible,  1 deserves to be in minors.

#2 JAMES VANDERMEER - (5) Decent all game long. He had 3 hits, 2 blocked shots and a takeaway in 15:27 of ice. But he did take 2 out of the 4 Oilers penalties.

#4 TAYLOR HALL - (7) BEERS Fast. The only way to describe him. He made a lot of nice plays and is looking better every game. He had 2 hits, 3 takeaways, a blocked shot and 2 shots on goal. No complaining here.

#5 LADISLAV SMID - (6) He have a decent game. He logged a ton of time on the ice and looked like he wanted more.

#6 RYAN WHITNEY - (7) BEERS He was good. He played 26:00 minutes and was strong on the puck. After a few less than great games in the last little while, I was worried his feet may be bothering him. He looked fine and healthy to me tonight. He adds another assist and he had a hit, a takeaway and 2 blocked shots. Best defenceman on the night.

#10 SHAWN HORCOFF - (6) Horcoff was hurt after playing 8:42. I hope he's not gone for long.

#13 ANDREW COGLIANO - (6) He's been on fire lately. Tonight's game he was good again. He had 3 shots and was 5/5 for 50% on faceoffs. But he was on the ice for the only Hawks goal.

#14 JORDAN EBERLE - (5) Not a fan of the line he's on. He looks his best with Horcoff. I thought he was the best on the line. Good once again on the penalty kill. Smart player even when he's not attracting the focus.

#16 COLIN FRASER - (5) He seen some added ice time after Horcoff went down. He responded nicely. I liked that he had a little extra jump in his steps. He had 2 hits, but was a team worst 2/5 for 29%.

#22 JF JACQUES - (0) DNP (Injured)

#26 KURTIS FOSTER - (7) BEERS He was dynamite! He scored to get the ball rolling and he played smart hockey all night long. He had 3 hits, 3 shots, and had a takeaway and a blocked shot. He played 17:31.

#27 DUSTIN PENNER - (6) He actually used his big frame well tonight. He was on for both Oiler goals and he just seemed to make things happen. Glad to see he's motivated again. In his 17:16 of ice time, he had 1 shot, 1 hit, 1 blocked shot and 1 takeaway.

#28 RYAN JONES - (6) He along with Fraser seen more ice than normal. He had 2 shots, a hot and a takeaway. Nothing real to complain about here.

#33 STEVE MACINTYRE - (0) DNP (Healthy scratch)

#35 NIKOLAI KHABIBULIN - (8) BEERS That save was FREAKING AWESOME! Watch the highlights above. Wow! He was great all game. He made the little saves along with the big ones. WHen the Oilers were asleep, Khabi wasn't. The curse of the former Oilers continued as Pisani popped one by him.

#40 DEVAN DUBNYK - (0) DNP (backup)

#43 JASON STRUDWICK - (6) All of the sudden guys like Strudwick and Vandermeer are looking good to me. Either I had a few too many beers, or he really did play well. He had 3 blocked shots and 2 hits in his 18:12 of ice time.

#46 ZACK STORTINI - (6) He played well. I loved his fight with John Scott. He was jerseyed and he still kept going. lol. Love that Storts. He actual hockey game was pretty good. He's not a liability out there. He had 3 hits and played 6:55.

#49 THEO PECKHAM - (0) DNP (Injured)

#67 GILBERT BRULE - (6) Brule has, like Cogliano, improved a lot since Penner has been on their line. He had 3 shots, 3 hits and a takeaway and was burning up the ice. I don't understand why he isn't getting a look on the pk?

#77 TOM GILBERT - (7) BEERS He was pretty good tonight and he did what he had to do to be successful. He had 5 shots that couldn't find the back of the net and he once again blocks a team high, 4 shots. He does quietly play a solid game. He was dependable tonight.

#83 ALES HEMSKY - (8) BEERS He was brilliant tonight. The best Hemsky game that I have seen in a long, long time. He assisted on both goals and played almost 20 minutes.

#89 SAM GAGNER - (4) He started out OK, but was I disappointed with him tonight (other than his goal).

#91 MAGNUS PAAJARVI - (5) I hate this line. They don't work well together. He had 2 shots in his 14:09 of ice time. His most consistent quality? He drew another penalty.






mc79hockey Scoring Chances



BAD TIMING PENALTY (what is a Bad Timing Penalty?)

None -


Thank you for reading and We are trying to change the way you look at the Edmonton Oilers... one reader at a time.

Special thanks to David Staples of Cult Of Hockey - Edmonton Journal for allowing us to use his grading system.

-Written by Smokin' Ray from

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